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Hah! I Watched The Olympics! Yankees Lose 4-3


Well, there’s a reason I decided to watch the Olympics.

It was fun to watch, and I knew that if I decided to watch the Angels-Yankees game I would not be entertained.

I did watch some of the game during the commercial breaks. The game started off nicely, with the Yankees leading 2-0. Well, I don’t need to talk about everything else.

Yesterday’s loss was one of the most heartwrenching and discouraging losses of the New York Yankees season. Sure, there were some ugly losses, particularly early in the year; the Red Sox pillaging Yankees pitching, the entire 4-game sweep at home against the Tigers, the walk-off single off Mariano Rivera by Gabe Gross to score Johnny Gomes in Tampa Bay. How about the recent game against the Orioles where the Yankees rallied for 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th, but Wilson Betemit struck out as the Yankees came up just short? Yeah, those weren’t fun either.

But you can definitely make a case that last night, when Chone Figgins hit a slow single into right field to sweep the Yankees at Los Angeles, on the day where the Rays won and the Red Sox lost.

The worst part of this loss is that you think to yourself, “Where is this going?”. Will the Yankees surge for the rest of the year, motivated by this excruciating loss? Or will they crumble under the pressure of being so far out of the AL East? The Yankees certainly still have a playoff shot, the Wild Card is quite close. But the Yankees will need to play hard and win as many games as they can in order to not only catch up, but to get past the tough Red Sox. Darn you, you stupid Rays!

Anyway, onto our next segment, a new one called Out Of The Draft!

Out Of The Draft

Here, in this new segment we take a look at 3 (as always) players who were drafted this year by the Yankees and see how they’re doing, statistically.


#1: David Adams

While he’s not the most sparkling draftee talent, he still has the potential to be a solid player. He’s not the fastest guy, his speed is below average, but he is a good baserunner. He’s got a real solid arm, he has nice hands, but his range is average. He isn’t a huge power hitter, but he should top out at around 18-20 homers in his peak. He’s got a good approach at the plate, as he goes the other way for contact. He hasn’t been doing all that well in Staten Island so far, hitting only .242 with 3 homers and 3 steals. Will he replace Derek Jeter as the new great Yankee shortstop? Probably not. But he does posess enough talent to be a decent starter or a great backup infielder.


#2: David Phelps

David Phelps doesn’t have overwhelming stuff. He throws as hard as 90, his breaking pitch is pretty slow. He doesn’t have a tremendous out pitch, and his control tops out at good. But he could be a solid starter in the future. He’s having a good season so far, with a 2.98 ERA and a 5-2 record in 10 starts (48.1). He probably won’t end up an ace, but he has enough potential to be a good, but not great starter of the future.


#3: Daniel Brewer

Daniel Brewer is quite an exciting young outfielder. He’s got very good speed and pretty good power. He was the first Bradley Brave ever to hit 20 homers (21) and swipe 40 bases (47). He is in the Bradley Braves’ all-time Top 10 in six offensive categories; triples (9, 4th); hit-by-pitches (19, 4th); stolen bases (47, 7th); doubles (47, 7th); runs scored (142, 7th); and total bases (325, 9th). He’s been decent in Staten Island, batting .267 with 2 homers and 7 stolen bases. I’m not sure about his defense, but Brewer has played 2nd base, so the Yankees will probably play him a few games in the middle infield. He’s got plenty of talent, and we could see him a few years from now making a few all-star appearances in the bigs.

And that’s it for Out Of the Draft!

Final Thoughts

Here’s today’s Bold Statement of the Day, where I say something bold, something that other people wouldn’t say because it is quite arguable. Here we go!:



The Yankees will hit 3 home runs today in Minnesota.

Well there you have it! Quite a bold statement for today, but I’ll make it. That’s it for the blog, be sure to continue to cheer on your Yankees no matter how hard it gets, because that’s what a fan does. You don’t cheer a team on because they win, you cheer them on because you love the team.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York 

Ice Cream Time; Yankees Lose, 10-5


Really? Is this our top starter of the future? Is this our solid #3?

Don’t look it to me.

Alan Horne and Jeffrey Marquez look like great replacements. If only they weren’t injured.

Let’s get to Who’s Next?. This game needs no explanation. The pitching simply failed to show up to the ballpark, while the hitting was good, but it wasn’t enough.

Treat yourself to some ice cream the next time this happens, because ice cream is the picker-upper of the world. I’m sure the optimism will return, along with the wins.

Who’s Next?

So with Ian Kennedy once again stinking up the place, let’s try and look for some possible replacement starters down in the minors. Here we’ll take three minor league prospects who could possibly be the next guy to make an impact in the big leagues.


#1: Chase Wright

Oh, c’mon! Don’t turn away!

Wright had some success in the major leagues last year. He did become the 2nd pitcher ever to give up 4 consecutive home runs and he never actually dominated, but hey! We’re giving Kennedy and Igawa a bunch of new chances, why can’t we let him have a 2nd chance? He dominated AA with a 2.96 ERA in 94.1 innings, and now he’s dominating AAA. His 1.46 in 2 starts (12.1 innings) along with only 4 walks and 8 Ks show that maybe he can turn this around. Kennedy may have dominated the minors, too, but Kennedy pitched at the beginning of the year and sucked, too. So let’s see Chase Wright try and make a comeback instead of Kennedy!


#2: Jason Jones

Jason Jones is quite a generic name, but soon we’ll be talking about him in the bigs. He served as one of the best pitchers in AA (along with Wright) with his 3.03 ERA in 124 innings. Now he’s getting his shot in AAA, and he’s pitching well as well. Though he’s 0-1, his 2.38 ERA in 2 starts (11.1) along with only 1 WALK and 11 strikeouts really show to be impressive. He’s always been a good control pitcher; he throws a ton of strikes with a cutter, a sinker, a curve and a slide-piece. He really gets plenty of movement with all his pitches, so in a way he’s dominating although he doesn’t throw harder than 92 usually. This is a guy with great strikeout-to-walk ratio, and that always signifies a good pitcher. You must be thinking now, “WHY ARE WE WASTING OUR TIME WITH IAN KENNEDY?!” There’s really nothing to behold about Kennedy, his control is bad, he doesn’t have good stuff, and he isn’t a smart pitcher. Jason Jones should be up in a jiff.


#3: PJ Pilittere

I’m sure a lot of Yankee minor league fans are familiar with PJ Pilittere. PJ’s the everyday catcher for the Trenton Thunder, and he’s quite old for AA at 27. He was invited to spring training this year, and he caught a little bit. He hits for a solid, but not special average (.291). He doesn’t hit for much power (.358 slugging pct), and like many other catchers, he doesn’t run all that well. But it’s shown that he has the ability to handle a pitching staff. Year in and year out, the Trenton pitching staff is dominating, and it can’t be just because of the talented pitchers. He doesn’t have the talent of Jesus Montero or Austin Romine, but he is a pretty solid catcher, and he could be the instant replacement of Molina or Pudge go down.

Final Thoughts

Alright, it’s time for everybody’s favorite segment, the Bold Statement of the Day! Here I say something that is bold and arguable about the New York Yankees, and the readers can leave comments about what they think about it. Here’s today’s Bold Statement;



Justin Christian is going to get a big hit in today’s big game on FOX.

Well there you have it! Justin Christian has had a bunch of RBI hits in the big leagues and a bunch of big stolen bases, I don’t even know if he’s going to play today, but I call that he’s going to get a big hit.

So thanks for reading, guys! Leave your comments below.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York


Yankees Crush O’s 13-3; FARNSWORTH TRADED!


Yankees Crush O’s 13-3; FARNSWORTH TRADED!

Well, the Yankees whooped the Baltimore Orioles’ butt. Seriously, we spanked around those O’s. We got back at them for the first two games of pain and punishment. We smacked them around. 2 homers by Bobby, a homer by A-Rod, a great performance by Joba, 2 RBI Doubles by Nady, even an RBI single by Christian. It was a great game. I loved it. I’m sure all the Yankee fans in the world loved it. But apparently, the game was not the biggest part of the day, suprisingly.


Kyle Farnsworth, our set-up reliever, the one with great stuff who Girardi exercised so much patience and confidence in, is no longer with the Yankees. We have traded him to the Detroit Tigers, and who did we get back? Well, none other than 14-time-All-Star and 13-Time Gold Glover catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. I, of course, think we won this trade. Not only that, I think that we blew out this trade. We owned this trade. Sure, Pudge isn’t what he used to be, but he’s a pretty solid offensive producer. He’s hitting close to 300, and he runs pretty well too, with 6 steals. Plus, he’s always had an absolute cannon behind the plate, and he is rock solid defensively. We give up a guy who has great stuff and was having a pretty good season, but he’s inconsistent. He gives up too many homers when he’s off, he’s off. You don’t know what you can get from him. So, we once again bolster our team, adding a great defensive and a pretty good offensive catcher. Plus, he adds a great veteran influence who has plenty of experience and won a World Series. I wish Farnsworth well, I hope he pitches well for Detroit, in fact, I think he could be closer for the Tigers for a period of time.

Alright, time for the next segment;

7 Years From Now…

Alright! Welcome to a brand new segment that I’ve been thinking about for a long while! Here, we talk about very young, lower-level prospects who could become big, impact players about 7 years from now. These guys have great talent and a big future ahead of them. Here are today’s first three!


#1: Dellin Betances

Dellin Betances is a BIG prospect. He’s one of those lesser-known prospects, but he is a TREMENDOUS part of the future of the New York Yankees. The 20-year-old Betances is 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds. His stuff is overpowering; a mid-90s fastball with heavy movement that continues to improve. He has a developing PLUS knuckle-curveball and a good changeup that also continues to improve. He has good command, though he sometimes has difficulty repeating his delivery as usual tall pitchers do. This guy will be an ace one day, and I’m really high on him. He’s dominating Charleston, with a mid-3s ERA and well over a strikeout per inning. 7 years from now, he’ll have All-Star appearances under his belt and All-star appearances in the future.


#2: Jairo Heredia

Jairo Heredia is 19-years old, but he pitches like he’s 29-years old. The Dominican starter has very good control that only gets better. He has a low-90s fastball that he throws for quality strikes. He has a big overhand-curveball that, when located well(which is pretty often) can dominate. He has a 3rd pitch, a changeup, but it really isn’t as good as his first two pitches and will improve over time. At times he throws too many strikes and he needs to build up his stamina, but he can be a solid starter. In 7 years I see him pitching well at the major league level and improving even more as time goes on.


#3: Brandon Laird

Brandon Laird is a big power hitter. He has 12 homers in the GCL this year. He’s got power to all fields, and he’s got plenty of it. He hits righties and lefties out of the park. He’s a big guy who, when he gets a hold of one, can send it out. The 20-year-old (turns 21 on 9/11) corner-infielder also has a plus arm, however he doesn’t have much accuracy with it. Laird also has good plate discipline that’ll get better as time goes on and he matures. The younger brother of Gerald has a future with the Yankees, considering he’s probably their best 1st base prospect and Jason Giambi is at the end of his career. 7 years from now I can see him tearing up the majors, though not yet fully reaching his stride.

Information from River Ave. Blues and Pending Pinstripes.

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s time for the blog to come to a close, but before I do that, it’s time to keep up the new tradition of the Bold Statement of the Day! If you’re new to the blog here and you don’t know what this is, well, you better aks somebody(not a typo). Here’s today’s Bold Statement of the Day!



The Yankees, led by Xavier Nady and Pudge Rodriguez, will beat the Angels and Mark Texeira in the upcoming 4-game-set.


My Bold Predictions and Bold Statements are always positive towards the Yankees… anyway, you heard it here first, Nady and Pudge are going to lead the Yankees to a series win against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Thanks for reading, see you after tomorrow’s game, I’ll have a brand new, fun post.

Stay positive, Yankee fans! Have a good day.


-EJ/Kid From New York 

Joba vs. Beckett: The Boskees Rivalry Continues


Joba vs. Beckett: The Boskees Rivalry Continues

Yes, the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is alive and well! The two top teams in the AL East(no offense, Tampa Bay) will face off again this season, as the two hated rivals go at it. This is a big, nay, HUGE series considering the condition the AL East is in right now. And what a way to start off the series as well; the young flamethrowers from both teams go at it today. Joba Chamberlain from our proud Yankees goes for us(I predicted he’d dominate today), and Josh Beckett, who I think is overrated, pitches for Boston. Both pitchers have absolute filthy stuff. Joba with his great fastball, solid slider and big curve, and Josh Beckett with his flaming 4-seamer, his great curveball, and his hard sinker. Oh yes, this is potentially one of those games you just want to record and watch over and over again.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to record it with all the things we record on this HUGE flat-screen HD Sharp Aquos TV(which I really do have), but if I can, I will. It’s going to be a fun game. Big hits, great pitches, fantastic defensive plays. Nailbiting at-bats, homers, doubles, strikeouts, homerun catches, and all sorts of out-of-the-ordinary plays. One thing we’ll be looking for, of course, are the brawls. People will get plunked. Brushback pitches are encouraged. Hard slides and dirty plays are encouraged. Fighting is all part of the fun of a big Red Sox-Yankees game. This is going to be exciting.

The AL East is tight. The Wild Card? Tight. Be sure to push and shove and claw and pull your way to a win. What’s this about the integrity of baseball? Screw the integrity of baseball. What about the integrity of an awesome rivalry? It’s all in good fun, anyway.

What about Kevin “Mommy, he poked me!” Youkilis? What about Jason “Set up inside… very inside” Varitek? Let’s hit those guys! Why don’t we show Pedroia who’s boss with a good hard slide? Why don’t we line one up the middle and test Papelbon’s reflexes? That’s what we’re here for! That’s why we watch this game. That’s why this series is so hyped. The hostility, the passion, the excitement, and, who are we kidding– the BRAWLS!

Alright, so in today’s edition of The Squad, we’ll do the 2nd edition of who’s next, I’ll give my Bold Statement of the Day, and that’ll be it. It’s a quick blog post today. So, let’s start with the second edition of everybody’s favorite Minor League section, whoooo’s NEXT!

Who’s Next?

So it’s time for everybody’s favorite Minor League Section, Who’s Next? In this section, we look at three Yankees prospects who are having big success in the minors that could possibly be up at the end of the season. So here we go! Number 1!


JB Cox

Otherwise known as James Brent Cox or J. Brent Cox, Cox has been a big prospect for the Yanks for a couple of years. A closer in college, Cox is a solid relief pitcher who is up there with the replacement for Mo Rivera when he finally decides to call it a career. Cox replaced Huston Street as the closer for the University of Texas, and Cox is similar to Street. He throws from that same 3/4 angle as Street, and he sports a very good low-90s moving fastball, with sinking action. His best pitch, however, is his hard slider. He doesn’t strike out many, but he’s pitched well enough to be called up. His 3.23 ERA in 39 innings in Tampa, Trenton, but mostly Scranton/Wilkes-Barre(Wassup Tara?), is solid. The 24-year-old has a place in the Yankees bullpen.


Matt Carson

With Hideki Matsui possibly out for the season, the Yankees could trade for Jason Bay or Xavier Nady. Or, they can do what they’ve always done and keep going from within. Matt Carson is probably the next guy up after Gardner. He’s hitting .305 with 5 homers and 7 steals in AAA ball right now. He doesn’t really do anything specifically well; he’s a guy who is an-all-around decent player. He’s got pretty good speed, average power, and pretty good average. He could have a role in the majors if Gardner’s struggles continue any longer.


Phil Coke

Phil Coke is one of those odd names that nobody really knows, but is having a great year. Coke throws in the low-90s and has great command, but his secondary pitches are so-so at best. He is, however, dominating AA ball. He has a 2.60 ERA in 114.1 innings, with only 38 walks. He isn’t a dominating-type pitcher at all, but his control and his sinker have gotten the starter here, and if he improves his secondary pitches, he’ll be a successful major league lefty. Since the Yankees are apparently looking for a lefty, Coke may be called up in September or around there to serve as a LOOGY, or maybe a spot starter.

Final Thoughts

Alright, kiddies! It’s time for everybody’s favorite section, the Bold Statement of the Day! If you’re new to the blog, in this section I say something that’s arguable and stands out. So now it’s time for the Bold Statement of the Day!


Here it is:


Derek Jeter will have a very big impact on this series; offensively and defensively.


That would definitely be something. Jeter hasn’t done much this season, but Red Sox fans hate him, and he does come up clutch often, so, let’s hope we see that.

BREAKING NEWS: Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte of the Pirates have been traded. There’s speculation that they have been traded to the Yankees for Ross Ohlendorf(alright…), Phil Coke(okay, okay), George Kontos(alright, fine…) and Jose Tabata(oh snap). If this is true, well, none of those guys really stand out other than Tabata, and Tabata has struggled in his first season, so… okay, I can deal with it. It’s still only a report, it’s not official yet.

Stay positive, Yankees fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York 

The Twins Are In Town


The Twins Are In Town

Plain and simple. The pitching-heavy Minnesota Twins are in the Bronx today to begin their series with the Yanks. The Yankees faced the Twins on the road earlier this year and beat them 2 out of 3 in a series, if my memory serves me well. But still, the Twins have performed very well and are in the middle of a tight AL Central race with the Chicago White Sox, a half game out of first. The Yankees are quite in the thick of it as well, 3 games out of the Wild Card lead and 4.5 games out of first in the AL East. Both teams are pretty good to say the least, and both teams have their work cut out for them. It’s a very important series for both teams, especially for the Yankees. The Yankees have a big series with the Red Sox coming up. If the Yankees can sweep the Twins, they’ll come into the Red Sox series in very good shape. They’ll have 6 straight wins coming into the Red Sox series, they’d probably be close in the lead.

Now there’s reason to be positive, as always. When you read my blog, you expect positivity without making up lies. Well, you’re gonna get that right now. First of all, the Yankees are facing a very similar team to the Athletics, who they just swept. Second of all, the Yankees beat the Twins earlier in the year. And third of all… the Yankees are hot, plain and simple. Their pitching has been great, facing a decent offense, and their hitting could erupt any minute now.

Posada Back to the DL



Apparently it’s big news, but I dunno: as you’ve probably heard, Jorge Posada has been put on the 15-day disabled list in order to activate Johnny Damon from the DL(which is very good news, of course). Now, am I surprised about this at all? Not really. Were you suprised about this? Leave a comment, and let me know. But here, let me tell you why I wasn’t surprised about Posada going to the DL. I’ll give you 3 reasons:

1. He wasn’t doing that well. He wasn’t hitting well, and of course, his arm is awful right now. He was being somewhat of a liability. I’ll even go as far as to say that if his name weren’t Jorge Posada, he’d be in the minors right now. He simply wasn’t performing.

2. There really was nobody, other than maybe Justin Christian, that would come off the roster when Damon came back other than Posada.

3. We were overloaded with 1st basemen and DH already… we didn’t need a guy like Posada who’s inexperienced at both positions.

There you go, my reasons why I saw Posada going to the DL soon.

Who’s Next?

Alright, so we’re halfway through the season and already we’ve seen some fresh faces being called up to the big leagues and made contributions to the big club. Joe Girardi has already said that if somebody performs well in the minors, he’s gonna get the chance in the bigs. So who’s next up? Let’s take a look at some of the contenders.


Juan Miranda

Juan Miranda is a Cuban defector with power. Miranda’s a 1st baseman, so he would just be jumbled up in that big mix, but if, the Lord forbid, one of our DHs or 1st basemen go down, Miranda is easily the first to come up. He’s hitting .294 with 7 homers and 35 ribbies. He’s got a very good .378 OBP, and he hasn’t struck out much at all. Pretty impressive for only his second professional season. It’s difficult to tell what to expect from Miranda; the good power, decent average, decent fielding Miranda of ’07, or the decent power, good average, good fielding Miranda of ’08. If the Yankees are fortunate, they’ll get a big mix of the two in the near future.


Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner’s been one of those guys who’s been very underlooked but has had a great year. In Double-A this year, he’s got a 2.80 ERA with 34 strikeouts in 35.1 innings. He’s 27, which is pretty old for AA, so we may see Gardner in AAA or in the Major Leagues very soon. For now, though, he’s just gonna be one of those good relievers overshadowed by the dominating Mark Melancon.


Dan McCutchen

Dan McCutchen is another one of those underrated guys. He’s got solid potential, and he could be a solid #3 starter in the major leagues in a couple of years. However, with the emergence of Generation Tre (Joba, Hughes, Kennedy) and other pretty big prospects such as Alan Horne and Jeff Marquez, Dan McCutchen is left as one of those no-name, solid, overlooked prospects. After having a 2.55 ERA in AA, McCutchen was called up to Triple-A and, despite the won-loss record, has been very solid. He’s got a 3.58 ERA and has pitched 2 complete game shutouts. He’s had a very strong strikeout to walk ratio(110 Ks and 29 BBs in both AA and AAA) and he’s pitched somewhat a lot of innings (a combined 123.1 innings). He’s pitched very well recently, despite his last 5.1 innings 4 runs start. Expect McCutchen to be up by the end of the year.

Final Thoughts

It’s time for the Bold Statement of the Day! Yesterday I said if the Yankees got Fuentes, they’ve got the best bullpen in baseball. Today, I say…



Joe Girardi is a better manager (so far) than Joe Torre.


Wanna know why I think that way? Leave comments and read the next edition. I’ll back it up. 

Well, it looks like one of those big games where we score a lot of runs. In those other games, the next few games we haven’t scored many runs. Let’s just hope that this really does mean something and that we’ll be in 1st place in the very near future.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York 

I See Your Two Losses and Raise You a Thrilling Win


I See Your Two Losses and Raise You a Thrilling Win

Optimism. It’s a big word, and not just because it has 9 letters. It’s also a meaningful word. It’s a particularly meaningful word in the hearts of sports fans.

I’ll get to fans and optimism later. But first things first;

The last 3 games have been exciting. They’ve been quite thrilling, even. At least, the one today was exciting and thrilling. The two before were not so exciting and thrilling for me, and tons of other Yankee fans. It’s been an interesting Red Sox-Yankees series, to say the least.

The Series

The first game of the series was completely awful. The Yankees were dominated by the young lefty Jon Lester. He pitched a complete game, 5-hit shutout. We lost 7-0. It was an all-around sloppy game by the Yankees. Bad defense, bad pitching, bad offense… all the things that a bad team has, the Yankees did it on Thursday.

Friday didn’t yield any better results. Although the Yanks scored 3 runs in the 1st inning, that was all they would score until the 9th inning. The Red Sox tied it on a triple by Kevin Youkilis and took the lead on a 3-run homer by Mike Lowell. Yankees lost, 6-4.

Today’s game was very exciting, especially the end. We scored only two runs off Justin Masterson, but it ended up being enough. Mussina was fantastic for 6 innings, shutting down a tough Boston offense. And even though Mo struggled in the ninth, he managed to squiggle out of a bases loaded, no out jam to win the game for the Yankees.


Ah, the life of being a fan. Being a fan is much more than going to games and cheering for your team. Being a fan means living and breathing your team. It means devotion to your team. It means through thick and thin, right and wrong, great and awful, you are still devoted to your team.

Sometimes you doubt your team. Sometimes you feel that your team just isn’t capable of winning. But there’s always that hint of optimism coming into every game that your team will win. You always cheer when something good happens. You scream and pull out your hair when the bad happens. But you’re always there for your team. You wear caps and jerseys and bring along all sorts of memorabillia. You feel for your team. When your team loses, it’s a tough, tough feeling.

And your team is going to lose games. There is no such thing as a perfect team, particularly in baseball. 162-0 just isn’t possible. Your team will have its ups and its downs. It’ll have hot streaks and cold streaks. A good team loses 65 games in a season. That’s 65 times that you have to tell yourself and your fellow fans, “Hey, it’s just a loss,” or, “You can’t win ’em all.”. That’s 65 times where you pull out your hair or slap your forehead or grunt and moan. That’s 65 times where you have to see that other team; that despicable, stupid other team; win a game against your precious, beloved Yankees/Red Sox/Phillies/Braves/Blue Jays/Pirates/Tigers/Orioles etc. or your Giants/Jets/Saints/Titans/Patriots/Bills/Dolphins etc. or your Nets/Knicks/Celtics/Magic/Heat/Bucks/Blazers/Kings/Rockets etc. or your Rangers/Islanders/Devils/Capitals/Lightning/Thrashers/Red Wings/Ducks/Canucks/Canadiens etc. lose, and it’s painful! (Other leagues do not have as many games at all, but… you know what I mean). 

But at the end of the day, Yankee fans, everyday you go to the park or put on the game 162 times hoping for a win. We cheer our beloved 25 men everyday. It’s not just a team, it’s a way of life!

Cheer up, gloomy Bomber fans! It’s understandable to be down in the dumps. It’s a part of the fame. But eventually, you cheer your team on like you always do. Cheer your team on to victory and stay optimistic!

Final Thoughts

The pitching has been great, Yankee fans. It really has been. It’s been a tough, tough year but we’re still 4 games over .500. We’ve got a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Expect to see some more young prospects being recalled from the minors such as Matt Carson, Colin Curtis(good OF prospects), Jeff Marquez(promising starter, on DL), Scott Strickland(MLB veteran dominating AAA), Juan Miranda(powerful Cuban 1B), J.B. Cox(great relief prospect), and Mark Melancon(live-armed reliever dominating the minors). The possibilities are really endless for these young, Yankees of the future.

Stay optimistic, Yankee fans! We have the talent to make the playoffs.

-EJ/Kid From New York