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EJ Catches Up

Oh, there is much to catch up with…


Nick Swisher Traded To Yanks

The New York Yankees acquired Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texeira for Jeff Marquez, Wilson Betemit and someone else I’m forgetting I think. I really liked this trade. Some people criticized it, saying Swisher isn’t good average and to get Teixeira anyway… those people are out of their minds, if they don’t mind me saying.

Nick Swisher can hit for a good average (.270, .280), provide solid power (30-35 homers) and his OBP is always fantastic. He can play OF and 1B. Some people compare him to Jason Giambi; that’s an unfair comparison. Swisher is similar to JG, but he’s better at everything pretty much. He’s a good contributor offensively and he’ll be good in the middle of that lineup, coming after A-Rod and hopefully Abreu. Now if we don’t resign Abreu, I’d like Milton Bradley or trade for an OF. Bradley is a little risky ’cause he gets into controversy and gets injured, but he’s a real offensive contributor. I’d say he’s better offensively than Abreu.

Anyway, good trade Brian Cashman.


CC Sabathia Agrees to Terms with Yankees

Holy shizznit! I found this surprising. I thought maybe he’d go to a West Coast team, maybe somewhere else, but I didn’t think the Yanks would sign him. Apparently so… now the Yankees rotation is nearly set. We have a great ace, one of the best in the game at the head of the rotation. He’s got great stuff, he can just absolutely PITCH. We’re going to appreciate having him pitch big games for us, and now we have a come back to Santana.

Now we just gotta sign Garland to be #4 and we’re all set in the rotation.


Dustin Pedroia Wins Most Valuable Player in AL

It should’ve been Mauer or Sizemore, but eh. This wasn’t as bad as they could screw it up. I’m happy for him, though he was undeserving. The guy had skin cancer and is a midget. I still hate him, but I’m happy for ‘im.

Okay, that did not make sense.

That’s about it for now, Yankee fans. I’m glad to be back, and I hope for more good news in the future as I’m sure you all do.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid from New York

EJ Returns!



Hah, how many times am I going to return?

Yeah people, your friendly neighborhood 12-year old Yankee fan EJ is back on the blog. Screw that offseason plan thing I was going to do earlier, I don’t have time for doing all that. So I’m just going to tell you what I want to do this offseason.

I’ve been busy on the MLB.com boards and stuff, so if you want to catch me and have a discussion about the Yanks with me, go to the MLB.com message boards. I’ll be there. I’ve got a lot of interesting plans for this offseason.

Anyway, later today I’ll have a full blog on all the big happenings surrounding the Yankees and such, so get ready for that. Until then, I’m off.

Stay optimistic, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid from New York




We still believe in a great playoff contender. We still believe in a powerful offense. We still believe in a good pitching staff and a dominant bullpen. We still believe!



We still believe in great potential. We still believe in veteran leadership. We still believe in great stuff. We still believe in “Generation Tre”. We still believe in control and command. We still believe in big curveballs. We still believe in moving fastballs. We still believe in the rotation for the ages. We still believe!



We still believe there is better judging. We still believe there will be other championships. We still believe there will be another great gymnastics competition 4 years from now. We still believe the Romanian girl won’t be there to spoil the win. We still believe in gold medals. We still believe in cute girls who could effortlessly break your neck at the drop of a hat. WE STILL BELIEVE IN THE INTEGRITY OF GYMNASTICS.


Stay positive, Yankees fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York



I’m baaaack!

And I’ve got lots to talk about.

Since my departure, the New York Yankees have been pretty much awesome. Even without Wang’s injury, the pitching staff has been rolling for the most part. Andy Pettite, ever since the horrific start against the Royals, has been dominating. A-Rod has been hitting home runs, Damon has been hitting like crazy, Posada’s been pretty consistent, Matsui has been good. And then there’s our bullpen. 

Our bullpen, which was thought to be one of the worst at the beginning of the season, has stepped up and completely turned things around, particularly a young Dominican right-hander by the name of Jose Veras. Jose Veras, considered a lifetime minor leaguer, has stepped up and become one of the real go-to guys in this bullpen. My dad and I saw him in September last year, and we were impressed with his good stuff. He remembered him for the next year, and he’s really been incredible.

But it really puzzles me; how can anyone overlook a guy with a 95 MPH fastball and good, slow breaking stuff? That was the case with Veras. He’s always had good stuff. You could make a case that people didn’t pay much attention to Veras because of his control, but there are plenty of guys with great stuff and bad control that get alot more attention, such as Oliver Perez or Derrick Turnbow.

It’s probably because of usage and age; Jose Veras is a 28-year-old rookie (young but old), who had very little major league experience and was never considered a really dominating, top-of-the-line prospect.

But that’s enough of Jose Veras. Let’s take a look at the minor leagues and try to find some talent that could be called up to the big club anytime soon.

Down To The Minors

David Robertson–  Robertson has been absolutely dominant so far in the minor leagues. With a low-to-mid-90s heater and a nasty slider, David Robertson may be the closest thing to a Joba Chamberlain that the Yankees have in the minors right now. In a combined 48.1 innings, Robertson has an outstanding 1.49 ERA and an unreal 69 strikeouts, along with a .150 batting average against him. If the Yankees, for any reason, have to worry about that aforementioned bullpen, look for Robertson to be the first one called up to the bigs.

Alan Horne– Yankee fans may no longer have to worry about Igawa coming in if a starter goes down. Alan Horne has been a prized prospect in the Yankees’ minor league system, and for good reason. Coupling decent control with a mid-90s fastball and an outstanding curveball, Horne has been regarded as a dominating-type starting pitcher. So far in AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, he’s 2-1 with a 3.70 ERA and 22 Ks in 24.1 innings. He’s missed quite a bit of time on the DL with and elbow problem, but he’s looked sharp so far off the DL and could be in one of the spot starts for the injured Wang.

Brett Gardner– Should the Yankees have to worry about their outfield for any reason, Brett Gardner will be up in a jiffy. Gardner projects as an excellent leadoff hitter. Gardner is batting .292 with 29 RBIs and 29 stolen bases. His on-base-percentage is an excellent .408, and he’s also a great defender. He covers plenty of ground in the outfield and has a very good arm. I watched this guy on the YES Network in spring training and I’ve been high on him ever since. Watch out for this guy, he’s a possible future star.

Final Thoughts

Look for the Yanks to keep rollin’ on. Though they lost the series to the Reds, they have the talent, as they always do, to perform up to a level where they seem unbeatable.


EJ/Kid From New York