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Win, Loss, Win.

That’s our record since my last post, which still has yet to have a comment on it(bittermaaaan). Yes, our long win streak ended, but I’m not upset about that, since we won today and the Red Sox lost and so we’re just where we were a couple days ago…

Robinson Cano, strangely enough, actually came through with the bases loaded and two outs, hitting a bases clearing double, as pictured above. Sergio Mitre(also goes by SERGE, or Double Tre, or Pookieee) went 5 innings, gave up 9 hits and four runs, so nothing fantastic, but nothing awful either. That’s exactly what we needed out of him; starts that aren’t great, but keep us in the game and in the lead. I don’t know why some Yankee fans insist that we can’t have him in there.

Anyways, tomorrow I’m going to have my rare SUPER AWESOME AMAZING BLOG POST in which I will be breaking down the New York Yankees’ 7 Best Prospects (7 because 5 is too short and 10 is too long). Tonight and part of tomorrow morning/afternoon I’ll take a gander at(yes, I said it) the Yanks’ farm system and I’ll give you their picture, their statistics and their scouting report. It’ll be really good for you Yankee fans who want to check out the farm but are unable to do so because of a busy schedule, or maybe you just have friends. Pff. Friends. How lame. Why can’t you just be like me and be a lonely, sad fellow?

By the way, do you like my use of effects on the font today? Heheh. Fancy.

Today is the first day I didn’t have to think about what my Song of the Day should be. Today, it’s easy.

The Song of the Day is Follow You Down by Blindside.

Cool, huh?
Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

Santa Maria!

We won again yesterday, 6-3, thanks to a good inning offensively and another nice 7 inning outing by Sabathia.


The highlight of the game was arguably Mark Teixeira’s 2 run blast, a shot into the 2nd deck in right field that was his 24th of the year, putting him into a 4 way tie for the league lead in home runs.

But for some reason, I don’t feel like our 7 game winning streak is really that big of a highlight. I feel like something else happened in the MLB yesterday that was more significant. Hey, do you know if something big happened in Chicago yesterday?


Oh yeeeeah!

Mad props to Mark Buehrle for throwing only the 18th perfect game in MLB history.

Mad props to Ozzie Guillen for putting Dewayne Wise in on defense in the ninth inning.

Mad props to Dewayne Wise for making quite arguably the catch of the year.

Mad props to Ramon Castro, the catcher of Buehrle’s perfect game and New York Met at the beginning of the year(Ahaha! Ahah! Ahhh…).

Oh, and there’s also some trade news, and it’s pretty big as well.


Matt Holliday is going from Oakland to St Louis for 3 Cardinal prospects, so now the Oakland A’s are no longer the Hollid A’s.

I give mad props to Billy Beane for trading a big money 2 and a half month rental to the Cardinals for their best prospects and two other pretty good ones. If the Cardinals don’t make it to the NLCS at least, he’s coming to us I would think. I don’t know how Beane pulls some of these trades off. In the future, the A’s are looking to be pretty beast.

However, until this season ends, barring injury, the Cardinals now have one of the most monstrous lineups in the game. You have Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday back-to-back, follwoed by Ryan Ludwick, a guy who was great last year and is really starting to rake this season following kind of a slow start. It’s hard to find 3-4-5s better than that. And then you have Mark DeRosa, who can play any position and can swing the bat better than a lot of guys, and you couple it with that pitching staff which is truly dominant sometimes and coached by Dave Duncan, than you have one of the best teams in baseball. They’ve got to at least get some consideration for the World Series with the ballclub they’ve got. 

So that’s it for today’s blog, hopefully we can pull off a series sweep of the now Matt Holliday-less Athletics.

The Song of the Day is Grey by Yellowcard.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

The Biggest Surprises of 2009

As presented to you by me, EJ the Kid From New York. Sorry that I couldn’t make a blog entry yesterday, I was babysitting kittens with wings.

Today, I’m doing a blog that I’ve planned on doing for a long, long time. You read the title. You know what this is about. As we head towards the All-Star Game(props to Prince Fielder for juicing those balls last night), it’s time to review the disappointing players and the players who have come out of the blue and delivered more than their ballclubs could’ve imagined.

I will separate all of the surprises in this ’09 MLB season by category. and give one to three things by category. So let’s get it started, as the Black Eyed Peas say.

We begin with one of the more obvious categories when you’re discussing baseball surprises.

The Breakout Stars

Aaron Hill, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays

There’s a second baseman in the American League who isn’t as tall and as strong-looking as a lot of his fellow baseball players, but he’s already hit 20 homers prior to the ’09 All Star break and has made the All-Star Game. To go along with that, he’s been great defensively, has 114 base hits, and steals a base every now and then. He’s been one of the main reasons his ballclub has been in contention in one of the toughest divisions in the game. He is not Dustin Pedroia, he is not Ian Kinsler, or Robinson Cano. His name is Aaron Walter Hill. He is 27 years of age. He plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. His 20 big flies already give him a career high, his previous mark being 17 home runs. This year, he is better than Dustin Pedroia, better than Ian Kinsler, better than Robinson Cano,, than Brian Roberts, than almost any second baseman in this game that you can give me(Chase Utley is a rare exception). Go ahead. I dare you.

Adam Jones, OF, Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones was one of the players that the Orioles recieved in the Erik Bedard deal with the Seattle Mariners. and oh boy, is he showing it now. When you talk about athletes… when you talk about five tool players… when you talk about talent… this has to be one of the names you bring up, and if you don’t bring him up, shame on you. 12 longballs, 6 stolen bases, a .303 batting average, and not to mention Gold Glove defense. If he and Hill don’t win those Gold Gloves, it’ll be just another year in which the defensive award isn’t given to the best defensive player.

Honorable Mentions: Russell Branyan, Juan Pierre, Adam Lind

Comeback Kids

Andruw Jones, OF, Texas Rangers

You know the story.


New York Mets, 42-45, 6.5 Games Out of NL East

This is a ballclub that even I predicted would make the World Series– boy, how naive I was. These Mets have David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado on offense, Johan Santana leading a rotation with talented on-the-rise sinkerballer Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez, a guy who can be so nasty at times and is inconsistent but he could work that out, and they had a bullpen that after blowing so many games last year was revamped and supercharged with Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez, and JJ Putz and they were going to be so good! What possibly could have happened? Well, almost all of the players I just named have been sidelined for a long while now with injuries, and after trading away so many minor leaguers for Johan Santana and Putz and not focusing on building that farm system, they have absolutely no depth. Depth is what separates the contenders(Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers) and the pretenders, namely the Mets.

Milton Bradley #21 of the Chicago Cubs walks back to the dugout after making the final out of the game as Brian McCann #16 of the Atlanta Braves walks to the mound on July 8, 2009 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Braves defeated the Cubs 4-1.

Chicago Cubs, 43-43, 3.5 Games Out of NL Central

The Chicago Cubs were supposed to, for the second consecutive year, be the powerhouse of the National League(mainly in the regular season). They had signed Milton Bradley, a guy who put up great offensive numbers in the 2008 season and who was a switch hitter, able to mix things up in that right handed heavy lineup. They had the returns of All Star starting pitchers Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano, and they had Gold Glover Derrek Lee at first who can also swing it with the best of ’em, and Hank Aaron Award winner and good fielding 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez, and Rookie of the Year backstop and All-Star Geovany Soto. So what happened here? Basically, Milton Bradley, defensively and offensively, stunk. Really bad. Aramis Ramirez got injured. Alfonso Soriano, after a good start, couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. And even though they haven’t been that bad this year, they certainly have disappointed their fans and a ton of people who predicted they’d win it.

Honorable Mentions: Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics

That’s it for today.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

If there is anyone I missed, please say so in the comments below.

-EJ the Kid From New York 

The Return…

Sorry that I was gone, I was wrassling radioactive spider monkeys using only a sponge.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s worse. Losing and the Red Sox winning, or losing and the Red Sox losing. Red Sox losing would obviously be a disadvantage in the standings and stuff, and we’d be 2 back, but, you know, if we lose and the Red Sox lose, well… the Red Sox lose only 1.5 times every year, and you really have to capitalize and make sure you gain ground in the East.


But now it’s irreversible, and the Yankees have got to move on and try to win some games. It’s not that easy to come back off a bad, late inning, frustrating loss and destroy the next ballclub you face, but that’s what the Yanks have got to do. And hey, they’ve definitely done it before.

It’s sad to see Eric Hinske, who hit his first Yankee homer, hit another single, got nabbed in the foot and made a great diving catch in right field in the first inning, and be remembered in that game for striking out to end the game. That last at bat was painful for Mr. Patient(I call him that not cause he has discipline, but because he had been waiting so long to play as a Yankee and then had that great day). Hinske was up 3-1, then he fouls off the ball, then he strikes out on that little floating slider that might have or might not have been a strike. I don’t blame him for swinging at it; had he taken it and it was strike three, it would’ve been an outrage. Tough.

The Song of the Day? Meh, I dunno. Ask Vanessa.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

The Twins Are In Town


The Twins Are In Town

Plain and simple. The pitching-heavy Minnesota Twins are in the Bronx today to begin their series with the Yanks. The Yankees faced the Twins on the road earlier this year and beat them 2 out of 3 in a series, if my memory serves me well. But still, the Twins have performed very well and are in the middle of a tight AL Central race with the Chicago White Sox, a half game out of first. The Yankees are quite in the thick of it as well, 3 games out of the Wild Card lead and 4.5 games out of first in the AL East. Both teams are pretty good to say the least, and both teams have their work cut out for them. It’s a very important series for both teams, especially for the Yankees. The Yankees have a big series with the Red Sox coming up. If the Yankees can sweep the Twins, they’ll come into the Red Sox series in very good shape. They’ll have 6 straight wins coming into the Red Sox series, they’d probably be close in the lead.

Now there’s reason to be positive, as always. When you read my blog, you expect positivity without making up lies. Well, you’re gonna get that right now. First of all, the Yankees are facing a very similar team to the Athletics, who they just swept. Second of all, the Yankees beat the Twins earlier in the year. And third of all… the Yankees are hot, plain and simple. Their pitching has been great, facing a decent offense, and their hitting could erupt any minute now.

Posada Back to the DL



Apparently it’s big news, but I dunno: as you’ve probably heard, Jorge Posada has been put on the 15-day disabled list in order to activate Johnny Damon from the DL(which is very good news, of course). Now, am I surprised about this at all? Not really. Were you suprised about this? Leave a comment, and let me know. But here, let me tell you why I wasn’t surprised about Posada going to the DL. I’ll give you 3 reasons:

1. He wasn’t doing that well. He wasn’t hitting well, and of course, his arm is awful right now. He was being somewhat of a liability. I’ll even go as far as to say that if his name weren’t Jorge Posada, he’d be in the minors right now. He simply wasn’t performing.

2. There really was nobody, other than maybe Justin Christian, that would come off the roster when Damon came back other than Posada.

3. We were overloaded with 1st basemen and DH already… we didn’t need a guy like Posada who’s inexperienced at both positions.

There you go, my reasons why I saw Posada going to the DL soon.

Who’s Next?

Alright, so we’re halfway through the season and already we’ve seen some fresh faces being called up to the big leagues and made contributions to the big club. Joe Girardi has already said that if somebody performs well in the minors, he’s gonna get the chance in the bigs. So who’s next up? Let’s take a look at some of the contenders.


Juan Miranda

Juan Miranda is a Cuban defector with power. Miranda’s a 1st baseman, so he would just be jumbled up in that big mix, but if, the Lord forbid, one of our DHs or 1st basemen go down, Miranda is easily the first to come up. He’s hitting .294 with 7 homers and 35 ribbies. He’s got a very good .378 OBP, and he hasn’t struck out much at all. Pretty impressive for only his second professional season. It’s difficult to tell what to expect from Miranda; the good power, decent average, decent fielding Miranda of ’07, or the decent power, good average, good fielding Miranda of ’08. If the Yankees are fortunate, they’ll get a big mix of the two in the near future.


Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner’s been one of those guys who’s been very underlooked but has had a great year. In Double-A this year, he’s got a 2.80 ERA with 34 strikeouts in 35.1 innings. He’s 27, which is pretty old for AA, so we may see Gardner in AAA or in the Major Leagues very soon. For now, though, he’s just gonna be one of those good relievers overshadowed by the dominating Mark Melancon.


Dan McCutchen

Dan McCutchen is another one of those underrated guys. He’s got solid potential, and he could be a solid #3 starter in the major leagues in a couple of years. However, with the emergence of Generation Tre (Joba, Hughes, Kennedy) and other pretty big prospects such as Alan Horne and Jeff Marquez, Dan McCutchen is left as one of those no-name, solid, overlooked prospects. After having a 2.55 ERA in AA, McCutchen was called up to Triple-A and, despite the won-loss record, has been very solid. He’s got a 3.58 ERA and has pitched 2 complete game shutouts. He’s had a very strong strikeout to walk ratio(110 Ks and 29 BBs in both AA and AAA) and he’s pitched somewhat a lot of innings (a combined 123.1 innings). He’s pitched very well recently, despite his last 5.1 innings 4 runs start. Expect McCutchen to be up by the end of the year.

Final Thoughts

It’s time for the Bold Statement of the Day! Yesterday I said if the Yankees got Fuentes, they’ve got the best bullpen in baseball. Today, I say…



Joe Girardi is a better manager (so far) than Joe Torre.


Wanna know why I think that way? Leave comments and read the next edition. I’ll back it up. 

Well, it looks like one of those big games where we score a lot of runs. In those other games, the next few games we haven’t scored many runs. Let’s just hope that this really does mean something and that we’ll be in 1st place in the very near future.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York 

Triple Trouble; Yankees Sweep Athletics


Triple Trouble; Yankees Sweep Athletics

Get out the brooms! And you may need a mop, too, considering the mess that we made out of the A’s this series. No offense to A’s fans, but the Yankees were plain and simple the better team this series. We outpitched Oakland(pretty rare considering how they’ve pitched this year), and we got more big hits… or big hit by pitches, then the A’s this series. We played good defense. It’s time for the skeptics and the critics to accept it; the Yankees pitch well. The other day I heard Kevin Kennedy of FOX say about Tom Coughlin throwing out the first pitch, he said that we may need him as a pitcher… grow up.

It’s incredible how these retards can be so ignorant and so ridiculously whiny that they can completely ignore this long stretch this season of good Yankee pitching and pretend it’s still 2007. We have good pitching, and we have one of the best bullpens in baseball. I’m not a hopeless Yankee fan, I’m basing this on fact.

This series sweep should be very, very encouraging to Yanks fans. It proves that, yeah, our offense is subpar at times, but we can still win. Look at the Angels, look at the Twins, look at the A’s, look at the ’69 Mets! The offense doesn’t have to be spectacular to be a spectacular team. And it goes without saying; the Yankees could score 40 runs in their next 4 games and nobody’d be surprised, because this team CAN hit, it’s only a matter of timely hitting and consistency.

LaTroy: Our Boy?


One of my friends and fellow blogging colleagues, El Fanatico de Nuevo Mejico (The New Mexican Yankees Fan, not really Mexican) asked me a very interesting question. He asked me if LaTroy Hawkins will stay as a mop-up reliever or return to his set-up form. Well, it pretty much goes without saying that unless something happens with Veras and Farnsworth, LaTroy Hawkins will not play a huge role in the bullpen this year for the Yanks. It should also be mentioned that LaTroy Hawkins isn’t the big time reliever that he used to be. Now, with that being said…

I really think that Hawkins will be able to lower his ERA to the low 4s. He is still a pretty good relief pitcher, and he should be able to pitch pretty well as a mop-up reliever. He’s got pretty good stuff; a low-90s moving fastball and a good breaking ball. He should be able to pitch very well in mop-up relief, as long as we pitch him enough. You heard me, NMYF! I called it! LaTroy Hawkins will pitch very well in the second half.

Final Thoughts

Alright, here we go, Yankee fans. This will be the first in a series of Bold Statements I will make at the end of every post I make. Alright, this’ll be fun. Here we go:

EJ’s Bold Statement of the Day

If the Yankees obtain Brian Fuentes, they will have the best bullpen in baseball.

Alright, not so bold, but still. The Yankees’ bullpen has come a long way this season after heavy criticism before the year.

To the delight of The New Mexican Yankee Fan, I close out with this statement;

Stay optimistic, Yankee fans.

-EJ/Kid From New York