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Oh, Geez.


As if my allergies were not enough to depress me.

Javier Vasquez welcomes himself back into the Yankee ballclub by sucking. Tremendously.

I mean, that was a trainwreck of an outing. He couldn’t get anyone to make an out at a certain point, which was a shame because he had started off the game so well. Still, it was a very inconsistent and poor game for Javy, and if that’s what we’re going to see all season long this year, I doubt he’ll be a Bomber by July.

With that said, do I think he’ll be this terrible all year? No, I think he’ll have many outings that are considerably better than today. I don’t believe, however, that Vasquez is going to be the dominant starter he was in Atlanta. It’s obviously different, facing the Red Sox and Rays rather than the Nationals and Mets. That’s why I always got skeptical when people thought he’d have a terrific year for the Yankees. It just wasn’t going to happen.

By the by, Javier Vasquez happened to be solid in that one year he had with the Braves, but when he was with the White Sox before, he wasn’t nearly as dominant. I doubt that he got so much better from suddenly having great command and poise. Obviously the ballpark and competition he faced got worse.

What We Did Right

Ehh, not terribly much, to be honest. You had a few decent offensive performances; Derek Jeter had two base knocks and a run scored, Nick Johnson finally came through with his first two hits of the year and an RBI, and A-Rod had an RBI triple and a run scored. Pitching-wise, Sergio Mitre wasn’t horrible, going 2.1 innings and giving up one run in his first performance of the year for the Yanks.

That was it.

What We Did Wrong

Well, a lot of things.

Namely, Javier Vasquez’s 8 earned runs surrendered in 5.1 innings of work was pretty bad. You had some bad performances with the bat for New York, like Teixeira’s 0-for-4 outing, and Curtis Granderson was 0-for-4 as well. Plain and simple, we just couldn’t play effective baseball today, and so the Rays, who are a good team, took advantage.

Next Game

The big man, CC Sabathia, will make his second start of the year against Wade Davis of the Rays. I wouldn’t treat this as an easy win as most Yankee fans are. First of all, Wade Davis is a young right hander with very good stuff. I’ve been following him since 07 and he really can blow away a competition with his arsenal of pitches. Second of all, the Yankees seem to struggle against pitchers that they haven’t hit against in the past. Third of all, it’s on FOX. The Yankees suck on FOX.

Other than that, there is good reason to be optimistic. Just hope Sabathia can put on a very strong performance this afternoon, that the offense can start to warm up, and that all generally goes pretty well.

Around the MLB

Jose Reyes is back with the Mets. As my mom would put it, “Por fin!” Finally! Jesus, he was getting injured every five seconds. I got the feeling he just didn’t even want to come back sometimes, and I wouldn’t blame him. These Mets are a trainwreck.

Hot hitters? How about Edgar Renteria, who has 11 hits in 15 at bats? He’s doing pretty well, wouldn’t you say? It’s strange to see the veteran Renteria, who is long removed from being an actual good big league player, start hitting again for the Giants.

You’ve got Jason Heyward, who hits a three-run, go-ahead, 451 foot big fly in his first ever MLB plate appearance. He could have just retired there and made the Hall of Fame, but I get the feeling the Braves and Heyward both would like to keep that success going for a long period of time. By the way, Heyward is hitting .176 on the season including that homer. He’s struck out 8 times. What a bum, huh?

Beats my NL Rookie of the Year prediction, anyway. Madison Bumgarner is in the minor leagues. I don’t know why I make the picks that I do.

Around the World

We have an international tragedy of giant proportions, as the president of Poland, his wife and several officials have died in a plane crash in Russia. I’d add more, but I’m not sure there’s a need for me to do that at this point.

Tiger Woods is back. Am I the only person on the face of the Earth who doesn’t give a damn? I’ve never liked golf.

What You Need to Look At

I typically detest sensations like this, because they go on for a little while, annoy the hell out of everyone, and then die down eventually. But this is kind of cool.

This Taiwanese boy has a voice like Whitney Houston. And I mean that.


Make sure that you read it by the end of this weekend because I’ll be sick of it by Monday.

The Song of the Day

I love this song and have loved it ever since I saw it in a commercial. The lyrics are great, the melody is great and the music is great. It’s just an overall terrific song and it’s my favorite right now. I’ll leave it at the bottom under the signature.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York


We lost, but it’s okay.



Look, are we glad the season’s back or not?

I’m a big Yankee fan, so of course I’m upset we blew a lead on Opening Night against our biggest rival, the Red Sox. But it’s all good, it’s all good. We lost a handful of games at the beginning of 2009(against the Orioles, moreover) and we kind of won the World Series then. You see that? There’s always a bright side of things.

I’m too optimistic to wallow in the despair of a loss. I can’t stand pessimism. I really can’t.

Anyway, allow me to break down what happened in that game.

What We Did Right

We hit like the Yankees should. We hit like our mommas told us we should. First of all, a few guys were swinging away early in the count early on against Beckett, which I didn’t like much, but in the 2nd inning we got Beckett to throw a lot more pitches by getting four consecutive hits. Oh, and by the way, the first two of those four hits were back-to-back jacks from Jorge Posada (pesky pole line drive) and Curtis Granderson (just a good ol’ fashioned atom bomb). Posada had 3 hits and 2 RBI. Robbie Cano had two hits, including a double. Jeter had two knocks and drove in a run, and heck, Nick Johnson even walked twice. Our pitching didn’t let Ellsbury get on base (he was 0-for-5) We worked Beckett with hits and deep counts until he was taken out in the middle of the 5th inning. That’s when things got ugly.

What We Did Wrong

The bullpen surrendered 2 walks, 6 hits and 3 earned runs, 2 of those coming from Chan Ho Park, who did not impress in his first outing with the Yanks. Place your bets on when he’s getting cut(sarcasm).

Sabathia’s start was not much better, as although he had some bright spots, he gave up 5 runs in 5.1 innings. We let Youkilis beat us (3 hits and 2 RBI). We let Pedroia beat us (2 hits and 3 RBI). And how do you give up 2 hits, a ribbie and a walk to the number nine hitter (Marco Scutaro)? Our arms just didn’t go out there and give us the good stuff, and that’s why we sucked.

Next Game

Flamethrowing AJ Burnett gets the start for the Yankees against Jesus–I mean, Jon Lester. Why do I risk blasphemy by calling Lester Jesus? Well, a lot of baseball minds(Tom Verducci being one of them) have Lester winning the Cy Young award this year. He has electric stuff, he came back from cancer, won the clinching World Series game, pitched a no-hitter, takes no crap from nobody and by the way, he’s a lefty. It seems like the only thing he’s missing is the Cy Young at this point.

Do I think he’ll win the Cy Young? No, I don’t. I think Jake Peavy will win it and I have a good argument for that. But is it far-fetched to predict Lester to take home the trophy? It most definitely isn’t. He’s the real deal.

As far as Burnett goes, he’s an enigma, as are 2 of the other Yankee starters (Vasquez and Hughes could do a number of things). We know he has great stuff. We know he’s performed in tough situations in the past. He had a solid postseason. He has freakin’ awesome tattoos, and he was in a rock band. Okay, maybe the last part is a little irrelevant, but still, you see what I’m getting at. It’ll be interesting to see how Burnett starts off his ’10 season against one of the premier pitchers in the MLB.

And it’ll also be interesting to see how Granderson fares against the lefty starter Lester. We know he bites against southpaw hurlers.

You sure know who I’m rooting for.

Around the MLB

Right now, life is good. In fact, if life was any sweeter, I’d have cavities in all my teeth. It’s a bright day outside, I’ve got MLB Network on the big ol TV with round-the-league coverage, and I don’t have school for the entire week. Oh, and pomegranate lemonade. Good stuff.

As for the MLB, we’ve got Barack Hussein Obama(he’s kind of the President) throwing the first pitch in Washington DC in a Nats-Phillies game where Doc Halladay is making his first Phillies start. The Nats lead 1-0. The Mets are leading 2-0, but they’ll blow that in a couple innings. I’ve already called it, so it’s going to happen. Aaron Harang was looking fantastic against St. Louis, striking out two batters, and then Pujols came up. 2-2 count! Here’s the pitch! Down the middle! There it–goes? Yeah, that’s the reigning NL MVP, boys. If you’re not used to it, get with the program.

And these MLB 2k10 commercials are the shizznat. The game sucks(The Show for the win) but they’ve definitely got it going on with the commercials. Nelson Cruz talking about making Andrew Bailey cry with his boomstick. Kendry Morales and Felix Hernandez trash talking in Spanish. There are few things better than trash talk, especially when it’s from Latino people.

Around the World

March Madness. National Championship Game. The incredible story of Butler University against the top-tier long time power and definite favorite Duke University. 9:00 PM EST tonight. I don’t care if you don’t like basketball. Watch it.

Oh, and Donovan McNabb has been traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Washington Redskins in an absolute horrible trade for the Eagles. I mean, come on, Philly. How do you trade one of the better QBs in the league to a divisional rival for two low round draft picks? Congrats to Washington for such a steal. Look out for how the draft is impacted by this. Jimmy Clausen was a favorite to go no. 4 to the Redskins, but now that they have a quarterback, they’re a franchise left tackle away from being a serious playoff contender. They can draft Bryan Bulaga there and have their blindside, or they can get Russell Okung if the Lions foolishly pass on him. And Jimmy Clausen could go to the Browns at no. 5, the Bills at no. 9, or heck, everybody else has a quarterback, he could go to the Cardinals late in the first round. Interesting stuff.

But the Eagles are idiots today.

What You Need to Look At

John Sterling is an odd man.


Song of the Day

Oh yes, it’s back. The Song of the Day is All The Right Moves by OneRepublic.


Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Vampire from New York


The Bullpen Jumble

Good evening, faithful readers.

As most of you probably know, a good bullpen probably should have more than one lefty reliever to give both lefties rest and add some extra depth for ballgames. With that being said, the Yankees acquired their second lefty for the bullpen in Boone Logan in the Vazquez-Cabrera deal with the Braves.

But I’m not sold on Boone Logan. Obviously. Why would I be?

And the Yankees still need to sort out who’s going to be in that last ‘pen spot. Here’s how the pen is looking out:

 Alfredo Aceves – A dominant Mexican pitcher who can pitch multiple innings. Aceves was pretty darn reliable for most of the year save for about one rough patch or two. He looked unimpressive for the most part in the playoffs, but he capped off his season in the World Series with two shutout frames in Philadelphia, and I’m still quite confident in his ability.

Boone Logan – A mediocre left handed reliever.

Damaso Marte – A consistently inconsistent lefty with great stuff. Dominated in the playoffs but still can’t really be depended on at this point.

David Robertson – A strikeout specialized righty who is dependable and pitched great in the playoffs. This was his first year of dominance, however.

Joba Chamberlain/Phil Hughes – I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I’d rather Joba be in the bullpen at this point. He struggled for the most part last year, the Yankees appear to never stop babying him and I’d like to see what the young Hughes is gonna do as a starting pitcher after his dominant 09 season as a relief pitcher. I’d be fine either way here though, because you can basically say the same thing for both guys. So much for Generation Tre, by the way. Ian Kennedy is a new member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Look for me to do an article about Generation Tre later on, too.

Mariano Rivera – No explanation necessary.

But who will fill out that 7 hole? Last year, it was Coke, Marte, Hughes, Robertson, Chamberlain(in the playoffs), Aceves and Mariano Rivera. But Coke is long gone and only one of the Hughes/Chamberlain duo can return, leaving us with 6.

Will the Yanks even go with 7? Some teams decide to stick with 6, I suppose. But I’d prefer a 7th, because I need a little more depth, a little more cushion in case the bullpen goes through a long stretch of a lot of work.

So the choices are Jonathan Albaladejo, Edwar Ramirez, and Mark Melancon. Perhaps you’d go with someone else I didn’t name.

Tell me what you think in a comment below, because I always like to see what you guys think.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

I Grow Tired of Victory Cake

We should change the flavor.


Yesterday at 10 the Yanks won again. Nick “The Road Warrior” Swisher backed up his nickname by jacking one out to left, Derek Jeter padded the lead with a solo shot to right field, yada yada yada. The offense did it’s thang. That’s obvious.

Now, I think the true story is what the bullpen did in relief of Surge. Our favorite sinkerballer left after 5 and a third innings with the bases loaded and 1 out. Thus, it was Robertson time.

Me likey Robertson time.

David Robertson is our strikeout guy out of the bullpen, last year and this year Robertson had more K’s than innings pitched, and this year it’s by a pretty wide margin. Robertson, as you know, has a 90-94 mph fastball with solid movement, and a curveball with a ton of drop. He struck out Josh Wilson. And then he struck out Ryan Langerhans.

As I said before, me likey Robertson time. He came in and did exactly what he needed to do, which was to strike out Wilson and get Langerhans out. A sac fly or a non-double play ground ball wouldn’t have done. Robertson is a beast.

Then it went to Coke, and Coke didn’t allow a run, either, so that’s two very nice holds for the Yankee relief pitchers Robertson and Coke. Then, Mariano Rivera, still at 40 years of age the best closing pitcher in the game of baseball, did what he does. He retired the M’s in the bottom of the 9th to seal the win and the series for the Yankees. Today at 4, the Bombers go out and face the Mariners looking for the sweep.

Boo to the yah.

I’m so tired of saying “I’m in disbelief, how good are we?” but come on man! Are we ever going to lose a series again? (Knock on wood)

Hey guys, I’m getting kinda dry with these blogs, I need your suggestions on what theme blog I should do, whether it’s a list of something, an award recap, maybe something else, but I’m a little bored of doing recaps of games.

Today is Sunday, the 3rd and final day of Breaking Benjamin weekend, and we finish with Breaking Benjamin’s really really new, really new song I Will Not Bow, their first single off their new album “Dear Agony”. I can’t wait.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

The Ultimate Bullpen

Hey guys, it’s EJ(no, it’s Michael Jordan). Right now, instead of talking about the game (which I will do tomorrow after the M’s-Yanks game, in case you were worrying), I’ve decided to do a recap blog. I want to bring to you, my readers, the best of the best when it comes to bullpen arms.

You can’t underrate the importance of a strong bullpen. If you’re a good team, you only need your starter to go 6 decent innings for you and leave with the lead. If he goes farther, then that’s only a plus. But if you are really a good team, you can trust that the guys you’re about to bring in in relief are going to get the job done for you and hold your ballclub’s lead. Therefore, here are the cream of the crop in the bullpen. The best guys in their respective roles, all teaming up for one bullpen. If this is your bullpen, then you can trust your starter to only go 6. Here they are, the ultimate bullpen.

Long Reliever

 Alfredo Aceves

His fastball is not 100 mph on the gun. He doesn’t have a phenomenal 12-6 curveball, a wicked slider, a devastating off speed pitch, or a power sinker. What he has is the sheer ability to pitch: he knows what to do when he takes the hill. He has 5 pitches and he knows where and when to locate all of them, he holds runners well, and he’s not afraid to challenge you with a fastball in the zone. He’s aggressive, smart and has stellar poise, and that is reflected in his 142 ERA+ and his WHIP, which is impressively 6 points under 1. Oh yeah, and he can go 3 innings.

Middle Relievers

 Kiko Calero

Here’s a guy who throws 3 good pitches: a solid fastball with unimpressive velocity but good action on it, a good, biting slider, and a decent changeup. His command is not the best, as he’s surrendered 20 walks. But he has given batters fits. His ERA? 1.94, translating to a 216 ERA+. He’s struck out 52 batters in 41.2 innings pitched, and only 26 base hits in that span of innings pitched. He’s done so much for the Florida Marlins, and he doesn’t get much attention for it, either.

  Michael Wuertz

You talk about giving hitters fits… Michael Wuertz, the 6’3″ right hander in the Oakland A’s’ 2009 bullpen does it. His ERA is nice, at 3.21, a 129 ERA+, but what he has is maybe the best slide piece in the game. Wuertz’s slider has hard, tumbling, downward and sideward action, and he compliments it with an above average heater. How good is this slider of the 30-year old Wuertz? Well, he’s struck out 70 batters in 56 innings pitched, and plus, his WHIP is only 1.071. You always need a guy who can come in and ring up a batter, and that’s what Michael Wuertz provides.

 Matt Thornton 

32-year old Matt Thornton might be a southpaw, but he is not to be used as a lefty on lefty matchup pitcher. He has a high octane fastball, and strong secondary pitches. That explains his 11.2 strikeouts per 9 innings ratio, and his 2.49 ERA(188 ERA+), and his 6.9 hits per 9 innings pitched, and his 1.066 WHIP. Thornton has been, since 2008, an incredibly tough pitcher to face out of the Chicago White Sox.


 Mitch Stetter

Yes. Mitch Stetter. Here you have one of the hardest lefty on lefty matchups in the game. He throws from a side arm angle, he has a solid slider, and he is so deceptive to left handed hitters. He, at one point, had a 11 consecutive outs made via the strikeout, and that comes from good stuff. And while a 3.75 earned run average might not be redonculous, it’s certainly not bad, and you can’t doubt how tough it is to face the Brewers’ southpaw if you’re in the left handed batters box.

8th Inning Set Up Man

 Phil Hughes

If you’re down 4-2 against the Yankees in the 8th, chances are you’re taking your hacks against Phillip James Hughes, the 23 year old right hander and 2004 first round draft pick from the Bombers. He’ll come at you with a fastball as hard as 96 miles per hour, and he’ll couple it with a tight slider and a slow, 12-6 curveball that can be absolutely nasty. Hughes, a native of California, has a 1.35 ERA out of the ‘pen this year, and he’s struck out 44 batters in 33.1 innings as a relief pitcher. Not only that, but the former top prospect has put up a baffling 0.870 WHIP for the Bombers in this set up role, and he’s quickly become just the guy you don’t want to face late in games.


 Mariano Rivera

I don’t know. Maybe I’m biased, putting 3 Yankees relievers on this list. But the one guy out of the 3 Bombers I’ve put in this bullpen that you can least doubt is easily this man, Mariano Rivera. When he comes in to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, jogging in from the bullpen to the mound at Yankee Stadium, your confidence takes an enormous drop. It’s been like that since the mid-90s, and even at the age of 40, it is still very much like that. He leads the leag ue in saves with 34, and he’s only blown one save. He has put up a 1.98 ERA, and he has a WHIP of 0.92. There is nobody better than him in 9th inning save situations: you can say your Papelbons and your Nathans and your K-Rods, they’re all fine and dandy, but Mariano is simply the best closer in the game, and you’d have to be pretty ignorant not to think so. Yes, I said it.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

Breaking Down the Yankees 2009 Bullpen

Okay, so we’re heading into spring training, as you all know. It’s hard not to contain your excitement. To see the new acquisitions and the long tenured guys take the field… it’s just a good feeling. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend more than just one ballgame this season.

For those of you that do not know, I am currently doing a series of blogs in which I break down certain sections of the 09 Yankees ballclub. Today, I’m introducing a rating system for each section of the ballclub. It’s a 0-5 rating. I didn’t give ratings for the catchers and the bench… which is SO TOTALLY UNFAIR, clearly. So here they are:

Catchers: 2 out of 5

Bench: 3.5 out of 5

Okay, now time for a necessary part of the team, the bullpen. In this day in age, a good bullpen means that you’ll give your starters more wins and you won’t blow their leads when exiting a ballgame. A good bullpen gives your team a chance to win if the starting pitcher had a tough outing. Let’s take a look at the 2009 Yankee bullpen. By the way, Harold Reynolds says that the Yankees still have trouble giving the ball to Mariano at the end of the game… I somewhat agree with that, it’s not a flawless bullpen, it has made several mistakes and has blown leads. But it’s not bad. Not bad to the point of needing to put Joba in the bullpen… that’s a whole different conversation, however.

Onto the bullpen!


Long Reliever: Phil Hughes

He’s supposed to be a starter, but with his struggles and injuries the Yankees are pretty much putting him in the bullpen for a long relief spot this year. He has great potential, and I’d rather have him starting at this point, but I’ll take him in a bullpen spot.


Middle Reliever: Brian Bruney

Bruney was great in his time last year, which was at the beginning and end of the year. He missed most of the season with an injury to the Lisfranc joint of his right foot. He had a 242 ERA+ in 34.1 innings. He has great stuff; an electric fastball and a sharp slider. The 6’3″ 235 pounder had a significant weight loss prior to the 08 season, and he looks to keep up his success from the bullpen in 2008 in a larger, injury-free campaign.


LOOGY: Phil Coke

“It was only 14.2 innings”, several people say. It was, indeed, a very small sample size, and it wouldn’t be smart to put a lot of trust into this guy. However, he’s shown very good stuff; a nice fastball and a hard slider, and he could continue to be effective in a pen spot from 09. The minor league starter got called up in September of 08 and had a 0.61 ERA in the afformentioned innings out of the bullpen. He could be a very good lefty-lefty guy for us this season.


Middle Reliever: Jose Veras

Jose Enger Veras came out of the blue and was very effective for the New York Yankees in 2008. Veras is a tall Dominican righty who is known in the Yankees pen for the speed on his fastball. He can throw from 94-98 on the gun with his fastball, and can also throw an effective slow slurve-like pitch that will throw hitters off. Veras came from practically out of the blue and put up a 124 ERA+ in 57.2 innings with 63 K’s. It’d be much appreciated if he could keep that up for 09.

Also worth noting; I love this guy. I just do.


Mop-Up Reliever: David Robertson

It’s hard not to like the 23-year old Robertson. He absolutely dominated the minor leagues in relief, and so he came up to the majors. He showed a hard cutter that he throws in the low-90s, and coupled that with a hard, dropping curve. While his 5.34 ERA in 30.1 innings shows his inneffectiveness and inconsistency, he’s still a guy I want to have in my bullpen, whatever role he’ll provide.


Middle Reliever: Edwar Ramirez

When you think of skinny baseball players, this has to be the first guy that comes to mind. Edwar is 6’3″… 165 freaking pounds. That’s absurdly skinny. Despite Ramirez’s lankiness, he’s still a very effective reliever, with a 90-mph fast ball and an incredible, hard circle changeup. He had a 114 ERA+ in 55.1 innings pitched. The 27-year old right hander joins a select group of relievers in the Yankee bullpen– The Dominican Demons, as I like to call them– who are effective for the Yankees out of the bullpen, and hail from the Dominican Republic. There are 3 members of the DDs, Ramirez, Veras, and Damaso Marte…


Set-Up Reliever: Damaso Marte

Marte, one of the Dominican Demons, has great stuff: a hard fastball and slider. The lefty really struggled in his short tenure as a Yankee last year, but this year he looks to go back to his previous form as a Pirate. He can truly be dominant at times, and we expect him to be more like his old dominating self, rather than his post-Nady/Ohlendorf/Karstens form with the Yanks. He should be a fantastic set up relief pitcher.

Aaand last but not certainly not least, the very important closer’s spot, possibly the most notable position in the bullpen…


Just kidding.


Closer: Mariano Rivera

Do I really have to say anything about Mo? He’s the best closer of all time. He’s incredible. His ERA+ last year was 317. I rest my case. I didn’t even have to bring up my case in the first place…

Overall Bullpen Rating: 4.2 out of 5

The Yankee bullpen looks to be great: we have the Dominican Demons, of course, along with a guy who had a 1 ERA last year not named Mariano Rivera(granted, he didn’t pitch that much, but still). Oh, Mariano Rivera? We have him too.

Well that’s it for the blog; stay positive, Yankee fans, of course…

-EJ the Kid From New York

Nice Little Pick-Me-Up; Yanks Win 9-6


Atta boy, A-Rod.

It’s been a while since you’ve hit clutch homers, and since that time people have tried to put you down. (1-0 Yankees in the first)

People have tried to call you a headcase. People have tried to put you down, saying you’re not clutch, saying you never come through when you have to. But I knew the true A-Rod. You were going to come through and hit that late-inning, go-ahead homer eventually. It was only a matter of time before you shut ’em up.

Last night’s game was kinda funny. We started off with a comfortable 5-run lead, and then the bullpen blew it to make it six-six. Both bullpens then pitched very (whoah, Betemit’s throw went through the webbing of Giambi’s glove) well late in the game. Veras went 2 shutout innings and got the win. Edwar closed it out after A-Rod hit a solo shot and Nady hit a two-run bomb, and we won, 9-6.

So now it’s time for a segment I haven’t done in a while, Deal Discussion! The non-waiver trading deadline has been done for a while, but the waiver trades have been very common. I’ll analyze the Paul Byrd trade to the Red Sox and discuss some possible trades that the Yankees could make to bolster their team for the playoff run.

Deal Discussion

First it was Trade Talk, then it was Talkin’ ‘Bout Trades, and now I’m going with Deal Discussion. So let’s start it off with the Paul Byrd trade.



                                                          7 –  10

                                                          56 Ks

The Red Sox aren’t exactly adding a huge ace with the acquisition of Paul Byrd. However, Byrd is going to add good depth to the Red Sox rotation. He doesn’t have good stuff at all, he gives up plenty of homers, but he does give you decent innings. He’ll give you 6 or 7 innings, 3 runs, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts. He’s got a funky delivery, and when he’s at his best, he’ll give you innings. His last start was a complete game against Toronto. Byrd should benefit from this trade, as the Red Sox offense is much better than the Indians offense. You could say Byrd is a poor man’s Mike Mussina. Byrd has been redhot since the All-Star break, with a sub-1 ERA. The veteran righty could go either way for the Sox, let’s hope he stinks for ’em.

So, what trades could the Yanks make? There were plenty of rumors before; Brian Bannister and Jarrod Washburn were rumored to go to the Yanks. So what are the rumors now? Most of all, what are my opinions of what the Yankees should do?

Well, first of all, I checked a bunch of sites to look for possible Yankee trade rumors, but mlbtraderumors.com, ESPN Insider and Google didn’t have any possible waiver trades surrounding the Yankees. However, I did get some very interesting free agent information that I’ll share with you tomorrow and give my opinions on. So now what do I think the Yankees should do? Should the Yankees make a move? I’ll give you some ideas and some names right now! Just keep reading…

So here we go. First of all, I think that the Yankees should make a move for a middle-tier relief pitcher to add depth. Though I think the Yankees bullpen is strong enough, the ‘pen has struggled of late. I think that the Yankees should get, not a flashy reliever, but a decent one just to supply some depth in case the bullpen’s struggles continue. Here are some interesting names;


Saul Rivera

A 30-year-old right-hander with decent stuff. Rivera has a 3.51 ERA for the Nationals in 66 innings, so he can eat some innings out of the ‘pen and supply a LaTroy Hawkins like role in mop-up relief.


Neal Cotts

Cotts can come in and be a very good Loogy type reliever. He’s got pretty good stuff, and he does well against lefties and righties. The 28-year-old has good experience; Cotts was a part of the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox, he’s got playoff experience and he could be a good part of the ‘pen.

But that’s not all, the Yankees have to get another starting pitcher. Sidney Ponson is a question and Darrell Rasner rarely has a good start anymore. You’ve got to get somebody who you can rely on, whether it’s inside the organization (check out Who’s Next? on previous posts for those guys) or outside the organization. If the Yanks decide to make an acquisition, here are some guys they can get.


John Lannan

John Lannan has been the Nats’ best starter of this season. The young lefty has a 3.40 ERA on the season and he’s been very good on the road. Though he may not be on the trade market, I feel that this would be a great guy for the Yankees to get because he’s young and he’s been solid already in his short career.


Vicente Padilla

Padilla has been having a good year for the Rangers and is probably their best starter. His ERA is in the upper 4s due to recent struggles. He’s a decent pitcher who’s very inconsistent, but he can give you dominating innings when he’s at his best.

And that’s it for Deal Discussion.

Final Thoughts

Alright guys, it’s time for the Bold Statement of the Day, everybody’s favorite segment! Here I say something arguable and questionable that can go either way about the New York Yankees. Today’s Bold Statement is!:





The Yankees will go on a hot streak after this series against the Twins, lead by Ivan Rodriguez.

Quite a bold one today, hot streaks are hard to predict and Ivan Rodriguez, the newest acquisition, really hasn’t done much yet in Pinstripes.

So that’s about it for today’s post, the next post will come tomorrow. I’d just like to let you know that I’m doing the in-gamer for Saturday’s ballgame, and I’m starting a new segment! Every post I’m going to have something called Ask EJ, where you can ask questions about generally anything and I’ll give you my thoughts on it. To ask a question, leave a comment below.

Reporting live from Queens, New York…

Stay positive, Yankees fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York