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EJ Busts a Rap


I bust a phat rap cause I’m a fat cat–okay, I’m not saying that. …I’m just, I refuse to say that. Let’s try this again. 1… 2… 3…



The Yankees beat the Blue Jays and upset the Doc

Longoria in Tampa gave the Red Sox a shock

We got some breathing room when Evan hit one out

A walk-off blast to left made the Red Sox pout

1 and a half games is a nice improvement

Than the half game of work room we were usin’

Andy Pettitte scuffled at the end but

He got a W for the pinstriped men

Damon and Tex went back to back

The main component of New York’s offensive attack

Matsui gave us breathing room by drilling one to center

And when Mo got the final out I sang like Eddie Vedder

I guess, it’s just, a day in the life

Of a Yanks fan when the AL East is alright

It’s tight, the feeling of being in first place

Now if only we could win one on Virginia’s birt–no. I’m not saying that…

You don’t get that oppurtunity in baseball’s rat race


Meanwhile, the Mets’ Castillo made us scratch our noggins

He got more NY headlines than Igawa’s joggin’

When he took a fall and sprained his ankle

You look at that and it’s only a sample

Of the sheer bad luck the Mets have come across

Every day there’s an injury another player lost

So nowadays baseball fans wonder “Who’s next?”

Well today Niese is the newest victim of the hex

Yeah… that’s it… no more rapping…

The Song of the Day is a very touching, sensitive war-themed song and I think you all should hear it, it’s not a heavy rock song or a catchy rap song, it’s an acoustic song by a band I really like. The song is called Hero of War by Rise Against

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York


Power Propells Pinstripers: Bring Out the Brooms

Jeez’m Lord Mercy I have a lot to talk about today!

How about the Yankees these first three days?

In game one, A.J. Burnett and the Yankees defeated the Tigers by the score of 5-3, thanks to the clutch homer deep into the night off the bat of Mark Teixeira in the bottom of the 7th inning.

On the second game against the Tigers following the All Star break, the Yankees were again victorious, as 7 great innings by big lefty CC Sabathia and a longball into right field from Alex Rodriguez propelled the Bombers to a 2-1 win.

Today was the third game of the series with the Tigers, and the New York Yankees were looking for a sweep. On the mound for the Yankees was struggling young righty Joba Chamberlain. On the mound for Detroit was first time All-Star and flamethrower, Edwin Jackson.

It ended nicely from the standpoint of a Yankee fan.

Today, we had, yet again, a 2-1 victory thanks to sheer power.

Power on the mound, power at the plate. You can always depend on power from the Yankees.

I know you’re thinking, 2-1? I can see power on the mound, but power at the plate?

Well, you’re fairly right. There wasn’t power all around for the Yankee offense on today, July the 19th.

But there was enough power.

We scored both of our runs on solo homers by the 3 and 4 batters in the order, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, both of them not cheapies by any stretch of the imagination. Tex’s came on a pitch below the zone, A-Rod’s came on a pitch down and in. And they were both hit extremely well.

So with this offensive contribution by the two main components of the Yanks’ offense, Joba Chamberlain and the Yankee bullpen took the Tigers offense to town.

Joba Chamberlain scuffled with his command at the beginning, but trust me– he bounced back. He pitched like an absolute ace today: he had ace stuff, first and foremost, with a mid-90s fastball, a sharp, devastating slide piece, a hard curve and a very strong change-up. But he had command of that ace stuff, too. Although he hit a batter and walked 3 guys, that does Joba no justice. As he went deeper into his outing, he was sharp as a needle. He threw pitches in tough locations, and when you have the velocity and break that he had on his pitches, it’s practically illegal.

Joba Chamberlain, your stuff is in violation.

If he can do this consistently when he goes out there, I will love him forever.

And ever.

Now on the mound tomorrow, we got the Yanks’ worst starter. It’s the veteran left hander Andy Pettitte.


Andy Pettitte has some nice outings, and occasionally a great outing, but he hasn’t been that good. His ERA is 4.80, which is not very pretty, and he’s coming off a bad start. Granted, Andy Pettitte has been known to come alive during the 2nd half, but it was actually kind of the opposite in 2008, as he wore down as the season went on and his final numbers were not very impressive. He’s going to be facing rookie right hander David Hernandez.

Now, you guys know what the deal is with Andy Pettitte, ’cause you’re mainly Yanks fans, so I don’t really need to tell you anything. I do have to let you know what we’ll be up against in Hernandez, the starter for Baltimore.

So here’s the deal on him.

I looked at his first MLB outing, where he went 5.2 innings and gave up 1 run, striking out 3. Here’s the deal on his stuff: it’s very good. And I mean, it’s good.

I can’t tell you if Hernandez has a tough breaking ball, I know he has a fastball that gets up there as hard as 95 or 96 miles per hour. and it has tough, late life and movement on it. I know that he has a slider and a change to compliment his fastball, I can’t say whether either of those are particularly tough pitches. Hernandez had 79 strikeouts in 57.1 innings in AAA Norfolk, so he was a tough cookie down there. Up here, he’s 2-2 with a 3.94 ERA. He’s inconsistent with his outings, sometimes he’s pretty good and sometimes he’s pretty bad, usually not either extreme. Although his SO numbers down in the farm system were really solid, his career high for K’s in a ballgame is 4 in the Major Leagues, and he tends to be… too hittable, I guess, for MLB batters. In 32 innings pitched, hitters have collected 38 hits off him. He doesn’t walk many batters from what I can tell from his minor league numbers and his MLB sample combined.

In other words, it could be a nice day or a tough day. We’ll see if the Yanks can get some runs off him, enough for Pettitte anyways.

Song of the Day is Linkin Park – Given Up.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York


After Awful Loss, EJ Is… Elated?

I am ECSTATIC! There is sooo much to talk about today! All-Star Game replacements, The Futures Game, this is going to be a fun blog! Where do I begin…?

How about telling us how you felt exactly when you saw Andy Pettitte’s donkey handed to him on a silver platter?

Andy Pettitte has a donkey?


Oh yes, well that was not the most fun game of course, but who carrres, really? Life is too short to moan and groan about losing big to a team you knew you were going to lose to anyway. There’s so much baseball news to discuss!


I have always liked the Futures Game but I’ve disliked how it distracts me from watching the Yankees. Since we’re going to get hammered today, I’m probably just going to put it in picture in picture (I have a big TV, I can do that). The Futures Game, in case you’re new to the All-Star Break or just plain reclusive around this time, pits the best prospects in the system against the best prospects in the system. Chris Tillman will face down Desmond Jennings. Manny Banuelos(Yankees A ball guy, hard throwing 18-year old Mexican southpaw) against Angel Villalona, Madison Bumgarner against Danny Espinosa. It’s going to be great. Hopefully the Yankees’ prospects, Jesus Montero and Manuel Banuelos, will represent themselves and the organization very well. By the way, last year, Ramiro Pena was in the Futures’ Game. Did you know that? I sure did.

Now onto the replacements.

Trevor Hoffman replaces Jonathan Broxton

I had no idea Jonathan Broxton was injured, but apparently he is, so Trevor Hoffman(all time saves leader, really obscure dude) will take his place. Hoffman, now with the Brewers instead of the San Diego Padres where he’s most known, has had a great season after Milwaukee signed him. I think this is an appropriate replacement.

Carlos Pena replaces Dustin Pedroia, to participate in HR Derby

I don’t even care whether Ian Kinsler is better than Pena or not(you could make a good argument, better defense at a more valuable position, higher average, but Pena has been leading the league in homers since day one, also leading the league in walks, higher OPS+ than Kinsler, good defense), I’m just glad that Pedroia isn’t starting at 2nd. Look, he has a family problem, so whatever’s going on, I hope that it gets fixed. But he doesn’t deserve to start at 2nd, you know it, I know it, the American people know it(except for the New England area apparently).

Zach Duke replaces Matt Cain

This is also really big. Matt Cain has been one of the best pitchers in the game, but after taking a liner to the elbow, he’s going to be replaced by one of the more underrated pitchers in the game, Zach Duke, lefty of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Go and check out his numbers. And Julia, are you going to tell me that he doesn’t deserve it because he has as many wins as losses? If you do, that’d be hilarious. If you don’t, then you’d have to admit your extreme bias in saying that Tim Wakefield deserves to make the All-Star Game just because of his record, despite his very league average ERA. I believe this is what they call a checkmate, Julia.

The Song of the Day is The Seed (2.0) by The Roots. it’s a hip hop song, but it’s funky, souly, it’s upbeat, and it has a band! So, Julia, you might not dislike this song as much as other hip hop songs.

Two consecutive Julia references. Boy, I really need to stop talking to her over this blog.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

Sucesivamente: Dominicans Go Deep, Yanks Win Again


The Yankees are once again victors, as thanks to homers by my fellow Dominicans Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriguez, and one by the gringo Johnny Damon, too, we beat the Mariners 4-2. Andy Pettitte, the veteran lefty, pitched 7 strong innings, holdng the Mariners to only those two runs and picking up his 8th win of the year.

Mo Rivera got another save.

But there’s also a very startling statistic which I heard after the game. The Yankees have not trailed in a ballgame since the 6th inning of last Wednesday, in Atlanta. Then Joe G got ejected, Cervelli served one, and the rest be history, yo.

And we’re only 2.5 games out of first place, though the chances of us catching up to them Red Sox are pretty slim. There Julia, does that satisfy you?


My Song of the Day today is known for being Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays’ entrance music. The song is called Down and Out by Tantric.


CC Sabathia, the ace of the Yanks, is up against Jason Vargas of the Seattle Mariners, who’s having a pretty good season statistically. I wouldn’t underestimate the abilities of Vargas, but clearly the matchup favors Sabathia, who, even though he’s not been his usual overpowering self, is coming off a terrific performance in the Subway Series and has much, much more ability than Jason Vargas does. That’s pretty clear.



And what a pleasure it is to have Sabathia out there pitching for you. You look at his last 10 ballgames, and aside from his start against the Marlins down in Miami where he got taken out for some minor(from what we know now) biceps injury in the 2nd inning, he hasn’t pitched any less than 7 innings. He’s a fantastic help to this ballclub and this bullpen that has been so good recently partially because of good performances by our starting pitchers.

It’s looking to be a really nice year in the Bronx.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

That Was a Pretty Good Game, Huh?


Seriously, we dominated the Marlins.

Although it was only 5-1, as Michael Kay said numerous times during the broadcast, it really felt like a blowout. That’s because of the 5 runs that we scored came in the first 3 innings, and we just cruuuised along afterwards as Andy Pettitte completely dominated. Seriously, he’s been beast on the road but he’s been very disappointing at home. Hopefully he can get that worked out.

Not only that, but the Braves completely clobbered the Red Sox by a score of 8-2. Thank you, Kenshin Kawakami! The Bombers are only two games behind now.

Not to mention our lead in the Wild Card. I think it’s a one game lead over the Angels, but I’m not completely sure. It doesn’t show the WC on the MLB.com standings.

It’ll be Burnett vs. Johnson tonight, so that’ll be interesting to see. Both guys have great fastballs and solid breaking balls. Burnett is coming off one of his best starts as a Yankee thus far, 7 shutout innings against the rival Mets. Ahh, that was a fantastic game.

So, time for some hard hitting analysis! Woo.

Now, Josh Johnson has been one of the best pitchers in the National League this season, as he’s shown command of all his great pitches. So, how can the Yankees get a good amount of runs on the board against Josh Johnson?

Well, it’s about as simple as be patient. Like most pitchers, if you work the plate appearance into a hittable count, you have a great shot to get a hit. Wow, that’s amazing!

The truth is, Josh Johnson has been a very, very good pitcher for a while now and it’s going to be quite difficult for the Yankees to get anything done today. The probability is that we’re going to lose, but I thought we were gonna lose last night and I was pretty wrong on that.

The Song of the Day for Saturday, June 20th is NJ Leigon Iced Tea – A Day To Remember.


Oh, and by the way, I will be hosting Tuesday’s Yankees-Braves ballgame, so make sure you come down and talk about the game with me and probably a couple other people. It’ll be a good game; Chien-Ming Wang vs. Tommy Hanson.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

How Do You Do, Kansas City?

In case you haven’t noticed, we are absolutely fine. The Yankees beat the Royals yesterday, 4-1, and it was highlighted by a fantastic pitching performance from our other southpaw.


Andy Pettitte, the veteran lefty and long time starting pitcher, was absolutely dealing. How stellar was Andy? I’ll let Ash‘s description of Andy’s performance yesterday in one of the comments from yesterday tell you the story:

EJ, how good did Pettitte look tonight? I thought he was outstanding and it was good to see Mo, as ever, shut things down. Even the earned run on Pettitte was just a bloop to right that he lost in the sun.”

This was just an all-around great game to watch, the performance by the saxophonist at the beginning of the game was incredible(my brother could never do that), Swish kept up his red hot hitting, it was just all aronud great fun. Hopefully the Bombers can do it again, as they take on the Royals again tonight at 7 o’clock.



Remember, this isn’t the same pushover Royals club of the past. The Royals are at least somewhat improved from last year. Dan Plesac even predicts them to win the AL Central, which in my mind is trainwreckously naive, but it definitely is not impossible.

My blogging is starting to depress me. All I’m doing now is make entries that are fairly short, have one or two pictures and only talk about the game for about a paragraph. My analytical skills are so much better than this. I want to break down a play for you guys, I want to look smart. This is totally not me!

But what can I do? What can I do to give the blog a large boost in comments and overall goodness? Why, that’s up to you, my dear reader! I need you to stop chickening out on me and give me a real subject that you want to hear my opinion on. I need you to give me a topic for the next blog besides the game. I can’t think of a subject to break down and to give my opinion on. So now, it’s up to you. I want to hear what you have to say.

Be sure to leave a comment. If I don’t get at least 1 suggestion, I swear… I’ll… I’ll–

I’ll strangle this kitty!

You don’t want that poor, cute little kitty to get strangled, do you?

Well I’m sure if you’re dumb enough to not give a suggestion, then you will definitely not see the error of strangling such an innocent, small creature.

You evil, heartless villains.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York

Breaking Down The Yankees: Catchers

First of all, Joe Torre is attempting to clear the air with the Yankees and Cashman, that’s pretty cool. Also, Andy Pettitte and the Yankees are very close to a deal. I’d rather have Hughes or Aceves in the rotation, but I’ll welcome Pettitte back for another year. Now let’s get to what I wanted to start today.

For my blog, I want to start breaking down the Yankees, section by section. I want to give my opinion of the infield, outfield, rotation, bullpen, catchers and bench for the Yankees starting today.

I’ll start with our catchers…

Yankees Catchers

The backstop is easily, in my opinion, the weakest position on the New York Yankees. You didn’t have to worry about production from behind the plate with Jorge Posada putting up a 154 OPS+ and defensive specialist Jose Molina there to back him up. However, Posada’s injured now, and you can’t depend on him to produce anymore. So, here I’ll discuss some of the catchers for the Yankees.

Francisco Cervelli


When Elliot Johnson of the Tampa Bay Rays slammed into Francisco Cervelli at home plate during a spring training game, I was completely in doubt that Cervelli would even play at all that season, much less make the major leagues. Well, he ended up being a September callup, and while he was hitless in 5 at bats, he still shows promise. He’s only 22 years old, and statistics show that he has a good arm as well as a good ability to hit for contact and average. He shouldn’t start now, but should serve as a good backup right now and in the future.

Jose Molina


Jose Molina is a very good defensive catcher. He has a fantastic arm, and often throws out runners. However, he can’t hit at all. He hit when he was first with the Yanks in 2007, as he had a .318 BA in 66 at bats. Sadly, I can’t at all say the same for this year. He hit .216, with a 51 OPS+. He’s not at all a good hitter, he’s far below mediocre, but his defense is great. He should serve as a good backup, as he had in the previous years.

Jorge Posada


Jorge Posada is one of the better catchers that the Yankees have ever had, he has almost always been a very solid hitter. He had a fantastic 154 OPS+ in 07, an OPS+ that is great for any position. Now when you think of him doing that at a position that has traditionally been weaker with the bat, that’s mind-boggling. In spite of this, Posada will not do this again. He had 168 at bats in 2008 due to a bad shoulder injury. He had shoulder surgery on the 30th of July, and that was the year for him. Hopefully his arm will be a lot better than it was previously, and that he’ll at least hit decently this season.

Well, that’s about it for the catchers. Stay positive, Yankee fans…

-EJ the Kid From New York

Pettitte in Pinstripes? Again?


Pettitte in Pinstripes?

You know who this article is about.

It’s everybody’s favorite veteran lefty pitcher, Aaaaandy Pettitte. From what we know, the crafty 36-year-old starter will most likely sign a deal with the Yanks. From Bryan Hoch’s article on MLB.com…

“…industry sources believe that the two sides will eventually settle on a contract to bring Pettitte back for one more year in pinstripes, completing the Yankees’ five-man rotation.”

Wait wait wait hold up.

Completing the Yankees’ five-man rotation?

See this is the problem, the Yankees think they have to go all out  They think they have to sign another pitcher, because they have nobody to pitch in the 5 slot. So what happens to Aceves here?

You know, Aceves? Alfredo Aceves? The guy who had a 2.40 ERA in 30 innings last year? Anybody home? What’s going to happen with him? Is he just going to flooooat away until we need him again? Sure, long relief would be a fitting role for him, but we don’t need Pettitte.

What about Phil Hughes? If Pettitte is in the rotation and Aceves is in long relief, what will Hughes do? Go back to the minors? Wasn’t Hughes the future of the Yankees rotation? Well he’s going to be 23 next season. He still has time to get better, but when will come the time when the Yanks decide he’s truly ready?

This is when it all starts to come back now. Knock knock. Who’s there? Dan Giese, remember me? I was really efficient in the rotation and in long relief when you needed me. Remember that? What happens to me now?

What about me, Chase Wright? Sure, I gave up those four consecutive homers but I’m all good now! Yeeeah man. Totally.

What about Ian Kennedy? Yeah he sucks, but he’s still young. It’s too early to just completely give up on him. We all know his problem is his attitude and his immaturity, which usually changes with age. He was still really freaking good in 2007, and to just completely throw him in the toilet would not be that smart. I could understand trading him to a team if you got a good return out of it, and I don’t even want him throwing off a major league mound, but let’s not totally give up on Kennedy. Especially with a cool name like Ian

Oh and yeah, remember Phil Coke? Haha, yeah. Great numbers. Good lefty reliever. I like his stuff. Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy, except for the fact that he’s a starter. He’s not a reliever. He was a starter in the minors. Is he ever going to show us if he can start or not?

Don’t tell me it’s an incomplete rotation… and don’t tell me we need Pettitte. I’m not saying I would hate this signing, I wouldn’t mind it to be honest. I like Andy. I’m a fairly big fan of his. But that “incomplete rotation” comment just gets me riled up…

Anyways, stay positive Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York

Andy the Ace? And Another Thrilling Walk-Off


Andy the Ace?

Hello fellow Yankee fans! As you all know, Andy Pettitte pitched a beauty last night against the first-place Tampa Bay Rays. Pettitte pitched eight shutout innings, getting the win as the Yanks won, 5-0. Pettitte struck out five and gave up four hits, but probably the most impressive of all is that Pettitte did not surrender a single base-on-balls. If you know anything about baseball, you know that attacking the strike zone and getting ahead in the count early allow pitchers to dominate any lineup. Pettitte did both; he was economic with his pitches because he got the Rays to make outs early. He threw strikes and attacked the strike zone. He used his cutter to shut down both lefty and righty hitters, which is significant.

Early in the year, Pettitte was having trouble. Why? He nibbled a little too much, he had a bad 4th or 5th inning, and he couldn’t get righties out consistently. Now, he’s been spantastic. He’s been fanticular. He’s been throwing strikes consistently. He’s been economical with his pitches. He’s been going deeper into games because he’s not having one very bad inning. He’s been getting both righties and lefties fairly well at a decent rate. In his last ten games, Andy’s 7 and 1 with a 3.55 ERA. He’s walked 13 in 66 innings. In his last 10 starts, Andy Pettitte has been the ace of the Yankees in his last ten starts, plain and simple guys.

Another Thrilling Walk-Off

Boy, what a game today. I woke up really late today; I stayed up until like, 2:00 AM last night, and I woke up at around 1:37 PM (Summer Vacation ROCKS!). When I turned on the game, I had already found out that we were leading 1-0. The game was good, really; Sidney Ponson turned in a good performance, his second this year as a Yankee. He allowed 1 run in 6 innings. That’s about what you can expect from Ponson on his good days; he probably won’t go farther than the 7th, he’ll give up about 1 or 2 runs, he’ll strike out around 4 or 5, he’ll walk 3 and he’ll give up around 6 hits on his best starts. If you get that from Ponson, than you have to be really happy. Ponson really had it today, he located well, he attacked the strike zone as I talked about before, and he let hitters make contact, another thing that both Pettite and Ponson did in the last 2 starts.

After Carlos Pena hit a solo shot for the Rays, the game was tied, 1-1. The 9th inning was near disastrous; the winning run was at 3rd, and you could smell victory, you could almost taste it. You had the picture in your head of the Yankees getting a walkoff single or something to win it; and then Melky struck out swinging and Molina popped out. Unbelievable; in their defense, they’re spectacular on defense. Melky just continually makes great catches out in center field, and Jose Molina keeps throwing out baserunners. Still, what a bad inning.

In the 10th, with Derek Jeter on first, Bobby Abreu, the struggling Bobby Abreu, launched a hard-hit liner into deep right-center. The ball split the outfielders, went all the way to the wall and scored Jeter from first. The Yankees have a 4-game winning streak and have 2 walkoffs in their last 3 games. In other words,


Final Thoughts

Yes, I know this is a short post for me, but really, I’ve been blogging a lot lately. There was that big one two days ago and a big one yesterday, I’ve been making comments on other blogs trying to advertise the blog to no avail, really. If you’re reading my blog right now, let me know! Leave a comment, share your notions and thoughts. If you have something you’d like to ask me about, anything in the baseball world, leave a comment asking me to do a blog section on it, I’d be glad. Again, please leave all your comments, and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Keep optimism alive, Yankee fans! Optimism is something I preach, I think every fan of every team should have some optimism in them. Also, I’d like to announce I’m changing my release time from 8:35 PM to 8:05 PM simply because more people may notice it. Not like you care. Again, leave comments, keep hope alive, and keep cheering on your New York Yankees.