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I Want to Ride my Cycle

I want to ride my–ooh, I didn’t think that one out…

Boston destroyed the Orioles 18-10, so when Mariano Rivera got the final 3 outs, I let out a big “Whew!”

I mean, seriously, the Yanks were on the fringe to lose first place faster than Miley Cyrus lost her innocence. Buh-dum bum TISS!

But I guess this is a lesson for me; to never lose faith in the Yankees. I didn’t even watch the beginning of the game, I was honestly more interested in watching an old Mets Classic on SNY from 2007(in my defense, Tim Lincecum was pitching that day and he had short hair) than watching us get clobbered and swept by the Whtie Sox. I eventually figured “Oh, what the heck” and switched back to YES, and I was greeted by a three run bomb by Melky Cabrera. The rest is history. Literally.

I’m so glad that Melky Cabrera got the first Yankee cycle, for three reasons.

  1. Melky is a Dominican, as was the last Bomber to hit a cycle, Tony Fernandez.
  2. I really had a feeling Melky would hit that next cycle: he just seems like the kind of person who would hit for a cycle. He’s got some pop, but he’s no slugger. He can run fairly well, but he’s no thief. He hits for decent contact, but he’s certainly not Ichiro or Mauer. He’s very much a 5 tool player, cause he can throw and field too, but he doesn’t have abundance in any of the 5 tools except for the arm.
  3. I was getting really, really tired of hearing “the last cycle was in 1995 by Tony Fernandez”. I had memorized that.

And also, give all the credit in the world to Jerry Hairston, Jr.(still accepting nicknames), who made us forget that Alex Rodriguez is our starting third baseman for a while. That’s pretty tough to do. Or maybe we’re just too used to Cody Ransom.

Either way, he had a couple of hits yesterday and a couple of others today, and he also made a few nice plays down there at third base. Good job… hey, I got one, J-Hey Kid. That’s his nickname from now on. You take note, Virginia.

The Song of the Day is a very pump-up hip hop song… the song is called Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z and Santogold. Occasionally, when I feel sassy(because I’m usually a very sassy person), I change the part “Brooklyn we go hard” to “Yankees we go hard”. Think about it.

Also, to explain my title, see this song right here.

Stay positive, Yankee fans…

-EJ the Kid From New York 

Oh God…



I’m not going to talk about it.

I’m not going to talk about our manager’s blindness in consistently playing Cody Ransom every now and then even though he’s an absolute joke of a hitter.

I’m not going to talk about how we seem to think if we manage to not score in an inning, that we’ve done our job correctly.

I’m not going to talk about Phil Coke, mainly because I wasn’t watching the mockery at that point, but also because Coke is going to rebound because he’s a pretty good relief pitcher. I can only pray for the Yankee fans who’re with me on that, because the idiots who thought he stank with a 3 ERA(one guy on the comments for a Yankee story said “Name me one outing where he was good.” Needless to say, I named him 5.) are going to go apeshit about him now that he has a 4.98 ERA. But regardless, Bomber fans, do not lose hope in Phil Coke. The ERA is inflated because of one bad outing, it happens with relievers. He’ll bring it down.

I’m not going to talk about Jerry Hairston Jr, who’s good first day at the plate was muffled by everyone else’s terrible support in baserunning.

What I said about Phil Coke goes for Assassin Burnett.

Jerry Hairston Jr. nicknames still pending.

The Song of the Day is hip hop… it’s called This Way by Dilated Peoples ft. Kanye West. It’s a really good song, actually. If you at least somewhat like hip hop, I recommend it.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Allow me to introduce the newest member of the New York Yankees.

Eric Hinske?

Eric Hinske #16 of the Pittsburgh Pirates is congratulated after he scored in the 9th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals on Opening Day on April 6, 2009  at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-4.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Eric Hinske

Now accepting nicknames.

I woke up at 12:15 or so and so my brother and I are still doing the morning sniffles, and of course, my brother looks quite angered like he always does in the morning. Energy wise, I’m about 70%, physcally, I’m 50%. Hopefully I’ll be at 100 on both counts by 3 when MLB.com will have a live chat with Mark Teixeira.

This is somewhat of a strange move… not necessarily a bad move, but an odd one. This move gives the Yanks a left handed bat with some power off the bench, think kind of a poor man’s Nick Swisher, but with a somewhat higher average. Hinske can also play the corners; left, right, third and first. so he is basically Nick Swisher with a lot less power and slightly more average.

The confusing part is that, who’s going to have to be sent down to make room for Hinske? Why would we need Hinske when we have Swisher, who plays first, left and right, Gardner and Melky in the outfield, and Ransom, who can play all infield positions, including first and third? Did we really need to make this trade? From what we know now, it seems like a very unnecessary move, so I have the feeling that there’s definitely something up. My guess is that the Yanks are going to put Matsui on the DL because he’s not himself right now. Maybe something’s up with his knees.

But this is all speculation. It could be for any reason, really. That’s all for today, let’s hope Joba turns in a good performance and we can continue this streak against the M’s.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

Song of the Day is Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine

Also, I forgot to mention. Gary from Nasty Nats, I’m sorry, but I am not J. Hova, I don’t know who that is, but I hope that you do find him if you’re looking for him. Lol, if you’re looking for him…

-EJ the Kid From New York

I’m baaack…


Yes I am alive and in good health, unless the doctors aren’t telling me something…

I’ve been posting on the MLB message boards since my last post, and I’ve been neglecting my posting duties. Well no more.

It hasn’t been a particularly good year at ALL, in any sense of the word. Injuries and inconsistensies have held back an undeniably talented New York Yankee lineup. While the efforts of Girardi have been valiant, it’s simply a huge disappointment of a year. The Yankees will not go to the playoffs, it’s official. No more speculation, no more “one more chance”, no more “just a little hope”, and certainly no more “mathematically possible”. It’s done now. So now the focus shifts to the 2009 season.

It’s an aging ballclub, no doubt about it. Jeter, Damon, Abreu, whoever we plug in at catcher, etc. etc. You can’t expect success in a few years with these same ol’ guys. That’s why we have talented prospcts in the minor leagues. I’ll bring them to you. I’ll exchange my thoughts on possible offseason transactions. I’ll share my notions on what the young callups of this year could do next year; Cervelli, Gardner, Christian, Sanchez. All of these guys can make an impact on 2009.

So stay tuned!

Stay positive for next year, Yankee fans,

-EJ/Kid From New York



Well, maybe we are still alive. I highly doubt it, but this team showed me so much yesterday that you have to wonder if a comeback is coming. They came back from 2 deficits with big hits and big homers. The bullpen showed that it’s still dominant. The offense showed what they really can do. Will we see more of that? Only time will tell. But right now, we gotta hope that this will continue, that the playoffs will be back in the Bronx this season.

I’m hosting an in-gamer tonight, it starts at 6:00. Please, stop by and watch the game with us, it’s going to be a good one in all likelihood.




We still believe in a great playoff contender. We still believe in a powerful offense. We still believe in a good pitching staff and a dominant bullpen. We still believe!



We still believe in great potential. We still believe in veteran leadership. We still believe in great stuff. We still believe in “Generation Tre”. We still believe in control and command. We still believe in big curveballs. We still believe in moving fastballs. We still believe in the rotation for the ages. We still believe!



We still believe there is better judging. We still believe there will be other championships. We still believe there will be another great gymnastics competition 4 years from now. We still believe the Romanian girl won’t be there to spoil the win. We still believe in gold medals. We still believe in cute girls who could effortlessly break your neck at the drop of a hat. WE STILL BELIEVE IN THE INTEGRITY OF GYMNASTICS.


Stay positive, Yankees fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York