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Should I Be Surprised?


I’m not sure if I should. I mean, come on. We’ve gotten late hits in games so many times in the past, it’s ridiculous. Tex just added to the list of late inning go ahead hits. We’ve got to be the most clutch team in the game right now, no questions asked. We lead the MLB in walk offs and comeback wins. If it’s late and close, somebody will come through. Teixeira came through tonight. Before, it’s been Matsui, Posada, Cano, Rodriguez, Jeter, Damon, you name him, he’s come through in a big situation. Hell, Ramiro Pena’s first career RBI came against the Angels in late innings with the bases loaded. If I’ve got a really good pitcher on the mound who’s setting down the Yankees, I leave him in for as long as I possibly can. He’ll go 12 for me. 150 pitches? I could care less, man. I don’t take the chance of bringing in another pitcher who may or may not put out a terrific outing. The New York Yankees always come through in the clutch. Always. And don’t you forget it.

As for the game in Texas, I shall speak no more. I like Frank Francisco. In fact, I think he’s on my fantasy team. Therefore, I will not say anything more about that game.



And it seems as though, for the first time ever, the Yanks are not on FOX on a Saturday. And you should know how I think about that. Thank God. If I had to listen to Tim McCarver’s clueless rambling about Derek Jeter’s Godliness… if I had to listen to McCarver stumble and mumble and repeat himself constantly on a point that we really already knew anyway, but he just feels so glad that he’s right that he’ll try and constantly mention it so that we don’t forget his rightness… for another damn Sunday, I think I’d crack the wall open. And it’s not just McCarver, either. It’s FOX’s damn inability to give you a nice ballgame without screwing up the volume so that you have to mute it on commercials and then put it up to freaking 40 during game time. They have an extremely shoddy audio crew, and that’s being kind.

But thank God that the game is at 10. I usually prefer 7, but 10 is late enough so that I can enjoy my Saturday without feeling pressured to watch the game.

As for the Song of the Day, well, it’s Breaking Benjamin weekend, Break My Fall was yesterday, today it’s one of the tracks from their 2006 album “Phobia”, ladies and gentlemen, Dance with the Devil.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

You’re Messing With Me, Aren’t You?

11 walk off wins. 11. Come on now guys, this is silly. How clutch can this team get? How many big hits can this team get? How many big plays can this team make? Today, in a Wednesday matinee, the third game of a set against Canada’s best, Robinson Cano had his turun in the walk off parade. If you want a metaphor, Robby had his shot to breakdance in the middle of the walk off party circle. And he didn’t let us down.

We’re so used to Robinson Cano not coming through in big situations or grounding into double plays that our nails were pretty short there in the 11th with runners on first and second and one Bomber retired. But dang it, these are the 2009 Yankees. We don’t get let down. That’s not our thing. That ain’t how we do, if you will. Cano sent a pitch deep into right center field, banging it off the wall and winning it for the Bronx in a day where it seemed like another long, extra inning affair would be inevitable. His walk off single was the big hit that complimented the runs we scored earlier. We would not be let down today. No, sir.

And who won today? Well, it would be none other than right hander Chad Gaudin, who hurled two strong innings in his first appearance in Yankee pinstripes. How storybook is that? Sure, it ain’t Mannywood, but it’s a nice story anyways.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you guys all of my nicknames for a whole bunch of New York Yankees and I’m going to explain them. That’s going to be a heck of a post, so don’t you miss it.

Song of the Day is The Killers – Read My Mind. It’s a very nice song, anybody who’s familiar with the Killers knows they’re not heavy in any sense. LISTEN. 

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

Nice Little Pick-Me-Up; Yanks Win 9-6


Atta boy, A-Rod.

It’s been a while since you’ve hit clutch homers, and since that time people have tried to put you down. (1-0 Yankees in the first)

People have tried to call you a headcase. People have tried to put you down, saying you’re not clutch, saying you never come through when you have to. But I knew the true A-Rod. You were going to come through and hit that late-inning, go-ahead homer eventually. It was only a matter of time before you shut ’em up.

Last night’s game was kinda funny. We started off with a comfortable 5-run lead, and then the bullpen blew it to make it six-six. Both bullpens then pitched very (whoah, Betemit’s throw went through the webbing of Giambi’s glove) well late in the game. Veras went 2 shutout innings and got the win. Edwar closed it out after A-Rod hit a solo shot and Nady hit a two-run bomb, and we won, 9-6.

So now it’s time for a segment I haven’t done in a while, Deal Discussion! The non-waiver trading deadline has been done for a while, but the waiver trades have been very common. I’ll analyze the Paul Byrd trade to the Red Sox and discuss some possible trades that the Yankees could make to bolster their team for the playoff run.

Deal Discussion

First it was Trade Talk, then it was Talkin’ ‘Bout Trades, and now I’m going with Deal Discussion. So let’s start it off with the Paul Byrd trade.



                                                          7 –  10

                                                          56 Ks

The Red Sox aren’t exactly adding a huge ace with the acquisition of Paul Byrd. However, Byrd is going to add good depth to the Red Sox rotation. He doesn’t have good stuff at all, he gives up plenty of homers, but he does give you decent innings. He’ll give you 6 or 7 innings, 3 runs, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts. He’s got a funky delivery, and when he’s at his best, he’ll give you innings. His last start was a complete game against Toronto. Byrd should benefit from this trade, as the Red Sox offense is much better than the Indians offense. You could say Byrd is a poor man’s Mike Mussina. Byrd has been redhot since the All-Star break, with a sub-1 ERA. The veteran righty could go either way for the Sox, let’s hope he stinks for ’em.

So, what trades could the Yanks make? There were plenty of rumors before; Brian Bannister and Jarrod Washburn were rumored to go to the Yanks. So what are the rumors now? Most of all, what are my opinions of what the Yankees should do?

Well, first of all, I checked a bunch of sites to look for possible Yankee trade rumors, but mlbtraderumors.com, ESPN Insider and Google didn’t have any possible waiver trades surrounding the Yankees. However, I did get some very interesting free agent information that I’ll share with you tomorrow and give my opinions on. So now what do I think the Yankees should do? Should the Yankees make a move? I’ll give you some ideas and some names right now! Just keep reading…

So here we go. First of all, I think that the Yankees should make a move for a middle-tier relief pitcher to add depth. Though I think the Yankees bullpen is strong enough, the ‘pen has struggled of late. I think that the Yankees should get, not a flashy reliever, but a decent one just to supply some depth in case the bullpen’s struggles continue. Here are some interesting names;


Saul Rivera

A 30-year-old right-hander with decent stuff. Rivera has a 3.51 ERA for the Nationals in 66 innings, so he can eat some innings out of the ‘pen and supply a LaTroy Hawkins like role in mop-up relief.


Neal Cotts

Cotts can come in and be a very good Loogy type reliever. He’s got pretty good stuff, and he does well against lefties and righties. The 28-year-old has good experience; Cotts was a part of the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox, he’s got playoff experience and he could be a good part of the ‘pen.

But that’s not all, the Yankees have to get another starting pitcher. Sidney Ponson is a question and Darrell Rasner rarely has a good start anymore. You’ve got to get somebody who you can rely on, whether it’s inside the organization (check out Who’s Next? on previous posts for those guys) or outside the organization. If the Yanks decide to make an acquisition, here are some guys they can get.


John Lannan

John Lannan has been the Nats’ best starter of this season. The young lefty has a 3.40 ERA on the season and he’s been very good on the road. Though he may not be on the trade market, I feel that this would be a great guy for the Yankees to get because he’s young and he’s been solid already in his short career.


Vicente Padilla

Padilla has been having a good year for the Rangers and is probably their best starter. His ERA is in the upper 4s due to recent struggles. He’s a decent pitcher who’s very inconsistent, but he can give you dominating innings when he’s at his best.

And that’s it for Deal Discussion.

Final Thoughts

Alright guys, it’s time for the Bold Statement of the Day, everybody’s favorite segment! Here I say something arguable and questionable that can go either way about the New York Yankees. Today’s Bold Statement is!:





The Yankees will go on a hot streak after this series against the Twins, lead by Ivan Rodriguez.

Quite a bold one today, hot streaks are hard to predict and Ivan Rodriguez, the newest acquisition, really hasn’t done much yet in Pinstripes.

So that’s about it for today’s post, the next post will come tomorrow. I’d just like to let you know that I’m doing the in-gamer for Saturday’s ballgame, and I’m starting a new segment! Every post I’m going to have something called Ask EJ, where you can ask questions about generally anything and I’ll give you my thoughts on it. To ask a question, leave a comment below.

Reporting live from Queens, New York…

Stay positive, Yankees fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York

Andy the Ace? And Another Thrilling Walk-Off


Andy the Ace?

Hello fellow Yankee fans! As you all know, Andy Pettitte pitched a beauty last night against the first-place Tampa Bay Rays. Pettitte pitched eight shutout innings, getting the win as the Yanks won, 5-0. Pettitte struck out five and gave up four hits, but probably the most impressive of all is that Pettitte did not surrender a single base-on-balls. If you know anything about baseball, you know that attacking the strike zone and getting ahead in the count early allow pitchers to dominate any lineup. Pettitte did both; he was economic with his pitches because he got the Rays to make outs early. He threw strikes and attacked the strike zone. He used his cutter to shut down both lefty and righty hitters, which is significant.

Early in the year, Pettitte was having trouble. Why? He nibbled a little too much, he had a bad 4th or 5th inning, and he couldn’t get righties out consistently. Now, he’s been spantastic. He’s been fanticular. He’s been throwing strikes consistently. He’s been economical with his pitches. He’s been going deeper into games because he’s not having one very bad inning. He’s been getting both righties and lefties fairly well at a decent rate. In his last ten games, Andy’s 7 and 1 with a 3.55 ERA. He’s walked 13 in 66 innings. In his last 10 starts, Andy Pettitte has been the ace of the Yankees in his last ten starts, plain and simple guys.

Another Thrilling Walk-Off

Boy, what a game today. I woke up really late today; I stayed up until like, 2:00 AM last night, and I woke up at around 1:37 PM (Summer Vacation ROCKS!). When I turned on the game, I had already found out that we were leading 1-0. The game was good, really; Sidney Ponson turned in a good performance, his second this year as a Yankee. He allowed 1 run in 6 innings. That’s about what you can expect from Ponson on his good days; he probably won’t go farther than the 7th, he’ll give up about 1 or 2 runs, he’ll strike out around 4 or 5, he’ll walk 3 and he’ll give up around 6 hits on his best starts. If you get that from Ponson, than you have to be really happy. Ponson really had it today, he located well, he attacked the strike zone as I talked about before, and he let hitters make contact, another thing that both Pettite and Ponson did in the last 2 starts.

After Carlos Pena hit a solo shot for the Rays, the game was tied, 1-1. The 9th inning was near disastrous; the winning run was at 3rd, and you could smell victory, you could almost taste it. You had the picture in your head of the Yankees getting a walkoff single or something to win it; and then Melky struck out swinging and Molina popped out. Unbelievable; in their defense, they’re spectacular on defense. Melky just continually makes great catches out in center field, and Jose Molina keeps throwing out baserunners. Still, what a bad inning.

In the 10th, with Derek Jeter on first, Bobby Abreu, the struggling Bobby Abreu, launched a hard-hit liner into deep right-center. The ball split the outfielders, went all the way to the wall and scored Jeter from first. The Yankees have a 4-game winning streak and have 2 walkoffs in their last 3 games. In other words,


Final Thoughts

Yes, I know this is a short post for me, but really, I’ve been blogging a lot lately. There was that big one two days ago and a big one yesterday, I’ve been making comments on other blogs trying to advertise the blog to no avail, really. If you’re reading my blog right now, let me know! Leave a comment, share your notions and thoughts. If you have something you’d like to ask me about, anything in the baseball world, leave a comment asking me to do a blog section on it, I’d be glad. Again, please leave all your comments, and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Keep optimism alive, Yankee fans! Optimism is something I preach, I think every fan of every team should have some optimism in them. Also, I’d like to announce I’m changing my release time from 8:35 PM to 8:05 PM simply because more people may notice it. Not like you care. Again, leave comments, keep hope alive, and keep cheering on your New York Yankees.