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First Ruth to Rodriguez Entry Made!

Finally after all of this time, we’re able to get the first blog entry of From Ruth to Rodriguez, a blog that me and my colleague Chris are doing together. It’s just a short interview of Chris, nothing special, but hey, at least we got there. I implore you, that’s right I implore you, to read it and make comments. I’m aiming for From Ruth to Rodriguez to have some success. It’s going to be awesome, I promise.


We haven’t been able to do the blog entry we wanted to do, Chris doesn’t have his computer and he can’t get enough time to do it, so I hope you can forgive us, and be patient, and wait a month or two until we’re able to really talk baseball. Until then we’ll have little snippets and interviews and thingamabobs… we won’t have those big, thick, juicy, full depth entries that we want to have for a while, but hey, we’ll try to keep you reading and entertained.

Here’s the URL:


Read and enjoy, and be sure to comment.

Anyways… we move on to the sad passing of Bobby Abreu.


Okay, well he didn’t die, but he signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Now I’m not sad because he didn’t resign with the Yankees: I love Bobby, but I knew it was his time to go, because our outfield was already cramped and stuff. I wanted him to sign with the Nationals or the Rockies or the Rangers, even the Mets. However, he just had to sign with the Halos.

Now in case you all are brain dead… the Angels of Anaheim in Los Angeles in California of the United States of Planet Earth, ZIP Code 22222 (not really), Right Across the Corner of Blah Blah Blah Street, You’ll See a Box, Inside the Box is a Picture, the Picture Will Show You Your Next Clue etc. absolutely destroyed the Yankees last year and are the only team that really have consistently beaten the Bombers over time.

Now Bobby’s going to be a part of that traditional Yankee whoopin’… he joins the likes of Chone Figgins, Torii Hunter, John Lackey… I might cry.

Anyways, I’ll get over that. We all will.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York 

Why not Manny?

One of the questions I got on my previous entry was quite interesting, so I feel I should devote this entry to it.

“EJ – do you think the Yankees should try & sign Manny? Julia”

I’d love to sign Manny, we can never have too much bullpen help. Too bad he’s not a free agent though. Did he get released?



I really, really, really do not want Manny Ramirez, for numerous reasons, which I will name right here:

1. We already have a plethora of outfielders, so much so that we’re trading them away. We have Damon in left, Gardner in center and Nady in right. We have Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera on the bench. We are already juggling around DHs; Hideki Matsui, maybe Swisher, maybe Miranda, maybe Posada if he still can’t catch. To get Manny, an OF/DH type who we have enough of already, wouldn’t really make sense at all.

2. Manny has a bad attittude. He played badly to get himself out of Boston, and although he did amazingly with the Dodgers, it still doesn’t change the controversy that he put himself through as a Red Sock.

3. Too much money. We would have to pay him millions among millions of dollars just to have his bat in the lineup. We’ve already payed too much money for Tex, AJ and CC. It would just be crazy spending to get Manny.

4. Attention/pressure. They’ve gotten enough attention from the media and fans of other teams with the current signings they’ve made. Imagine Red Sox fans reacting to signing Manny… imagine all that attention. The cries of “MANNY! YOU BACKSTABBER!” and all the nasty posts made on message boards and such. Not only that, we already have a ton of pressure to at least make the World Series. It would be disastrous if we signed Tex, AJ, CC, and Manny, and not make the World Series. The Yankees would be under a lot of heat for being cursed and un-clutch and stupid for thinking they could buy a championship, and you know what the Yankees would do? They would sign all the free agents. They’d sign.. Matt Holliday, Adrian Beltre, John Lackey, Tim Hudson, et cetera, and the vicious cycle would repeat itself.

5. He’s not that good. I know you all are gasping right now. I didn’t just say that! Manny is incredible! Manny will always take you to the postseason! People, get real here. It was a total fluke 2nd half. He’s 36 years old, to be 37 in May. He was average in 2007. He was in a free agent season last year. He’s not going to give us what he gave the Dodgers in all likelihood.

So when you take all these 5 things into account, it would not be a good signing at all for the Yanks to sign Manny.

Stay positive, Yankees fans.

-EJ the Kid from New York

Heilman to the Cubs and Garland to the D-Backs

Well Aaron Heilman’s tenure as a Mariner sure didn’t last too long.

After spending the first five years of his career as a New York Met, the right-hander Heilman was traded to the Mariners as part of the JJ Putz deal. Today, we have found out that Heilman is once again moving to a new ballclub, as he has been dealt to the Chicago Cubs for young infielder Ronny Cedeno and another guy who is being traded for the second time this offseason, Garrett Olson.

Man, I don’t know about you, but I’d hate it to be traded multiple times in an offseason. I’d feel somewhat betrayed. I’d be all “Oh man, this is going to be awesome. I’m a Mariner now. I get a fresh start. We’re gonna be better than last year. We have Beltre. This is the best team!” and then a few weeks later, be traded to the Cubs. I’d feel like they never wanted me there, like I was just there to be traded, and that’d get me riled up.

Now back to analysis.

First of all, Aaron Heilman is most likely going to be much better than he was in 2008. He’s been a good reliever throughout his entire career, he has good stuff, it was simply a bad year for him in 08. Now that he has a fresh start with the Cubs, he’s going to go back to his previous form, and he won’t have to deal with all that New York spotlight pressure.

It’s not like the spotlight is completely not there with the Cubs. After all, they haven’t won now for 100, 101 years and they have a huge fanbase that is craving for a championship. There’s a lot of pressure out there to win, win and win some more. However, no city could be more cruel, unforgiving and pressuring than the city of New York. If you have a couple of bad days, the fans will show no mercy and instantly plot on pushing you off a cliff where you will plunge to your death. Or at least trade you to the Padres.

As much as I love New York, the majority of our baseball fans are at least fairly stupid when it comes to the sport.

Not me though, obviously.

Jon Garland is a D-Back


Jon Garland has agreed to terms with a deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

If you’re a Diamondbacks fan and you’re excited because of this signing(I’m looking at you, xcicix), well, you shouldn’t be. I know it’s hard not to be excited when you acquire a new player, and if you know what you’re going to get out of Garland and you’re excited about it, then I’m fine with that. However, don’t think you’re going to get 210 innings and 15 wins.

First of all, the Angels’ 2008 lineup is significantly better than the Diamondbacks’ current lineup, and it’s the same with the bullpen. There’s more to getting wins than being a good pitcher. You have to have offensive support and your bullpen has to hold leads for you, Otherwise, you won’t have a win on your record. So don’t judge pitchers by wins.

Second of all, Garland was quite mediocre last year. He had a 91 ERA+ and a 1.505 WHIP. The fact that he had 196.2 innings doesn’t make him much more valuable. All he is is a below average innings eater, and he’s a good pitcher to plug in the 5 or maybe 4 hole. You guys are putting him into your 3 hole.

Unless he goes back to the pitcher he was with the White Sox, which was typically 200 innings and a 108 ERA+, he’s not going to be a good 3 starter. He’s simply not a good pitcher. You don’t make your rotation a whole lot better with this acquisition of Garland; sure he’ll give you innings, but if he’s ineffective in those innings, then he has almost no value at all. I’m aware I’m being harsh, but I’m speaking the truth. Garland was bad in 2008.

Well that’s about it for now, I might blog again later to break down the Andy Pettitte signing and discuss the Yankee bullpen.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York