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The Rivalry is Strong.


Well, this Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees rivalry, which is storied and has been going on for decades, appears to be alive and well in 2009. Even though it’s a few games into the year and the two teams have yet to face eachother this year, they are tied for second place.

The Toronto Blue Jays are in first place, if you didn’t know. The Jays are finding ways to win; walkoff hits, home run fests, solid pitching performances. The bullpen, as far as I’m concerned, has been solid. For the first time since 1993, the Yankees might have to take a page out of the Blue Jay book.

Isn’t it funny that these teams are both at disadvantages, yet still manage a 7-6 record? The Yankees are missing the huge bat of Alex Rodriguez, and the Red Sox have to deal with a slumping David Ortiz?(Yankees obviously have a greater disadvantage)

Imagine what happens when the Yankees get A-Rod back and he does what A-Rod does? What happens when Big Papi swings for the fences as he used to for Boston? Not to mention the Tampa Bay Rays, the AL champs in 2008 and who may soon pose bigger threats and become bigger rivals with the Yanks than the Sox.

So the game yesterday was spectacular, Posada got the best hit of the year for the Bombers with that two run instant replay shot. Today’s game was postponed, which is good, because I can’t watch that game with school back. =(

So yeah, that’s the blog today. Have a nice day,

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York

Yankees Victorious Again– A Message to CC Haters

The catchphrase for the 2009 New York Yankees right now is “Ohhhh yeah.”

There are a ton of moments in which that phrase would be so very fitting. CC throws a fastball at 95 miles per hour on the inside corner for a strikeout? Ohhhh yeah. Nick Swisher blasts a ball into the night sky in left field? Ohhh yeah.


Come on. If that picture doesn’t scream “Ohhhhh yeah.”, then I don’t know what it screams. Maybe “DARN TOOTIN'” or something. I dunno.

All I know is that the Yankees have been absolutely marvelous. Their offense is great: we’re getting hits in RBI situations from almost everywhere in the lineup(except one player, he’s not hitting. He bats 8th, used to be a journeyman minor league infielder, filling in for a slugger, playing third base, could be gone soon. Here, I’ll give you one more hint. HIS NAME IS CODY RANSOM)

Our hitters are getting on base. They are patient enough to walk, but also swing at hittable strikes. They drive drivable pitches. They capitalize on mistakes. I mean, it sounds like it’s so easy and it’s no big deal, but this wasn’t happening for a LOT of last season.

Now I have to get something off my chest, excuse me.

A Message to Stupid CC Haters


Look. There are a lot of haters out there, and those haters are some of the most annoying things in the world. Haters are like a very irritating itch. They seem to never go away, but scratching it only makes it itchier and makes it stay longer. The only way they go away is either if you rip the skin off or just wait for it to go away.

CC Sabathia gets a truckload of haters, and you could understand why. Look at all the money he makes. He’s so awesome, you know?

However, some people really hate this guy and they make extremely stupid insults to CC. “Oh look at him. He’s so fat.” I could understand why you think he’s fat. I mean, look at that picture of him. The guy is huge. However, these people don’t get something. Some people are just big. Some people have big bodies and they can not change that. You would think that the fact that CC’s body type is very large would be obvious to some people, because MLB players work extremely hard on their body, so since CC is an MLB player and the ace of the New York Yankees, you would think people would actually connect the dots and think “Ohhh, this guy is working out hard but he’s still like this. Maybe it’s his body.”

But oh no, these dumb… people think he’s a sloth. Ignorant fans are obsessed with his weight. “CC, go lift some weights or something. You’re so fat.” Oh yes, because obviously all CC does is just sit around the house watching his flat screen TV and eating barbecue potato chips and ice cream. And then when it’s his turn to start a game, he goes 7 quality innings and throws mid-90s fastballs and sharp sliders. Yes, that totally makes sense.


In a huge ironic twist, the people who say these ridiculous nonsensical comments about Sabathia are the same people who are struggling with their weight because they’re too frigging lazy to get off their… butts and lift a couple weights. The same people who stink at playing baseball pick on one of the most successful players in the game, for his weight. The same people who make these hilariously stupid smears on Sabathia for his weight and accused laziness type those insults in the comfort of their large bed while snacking on Cheetos and Pepsi Cola.

And I bet a small percentage of those people get offended when you call them names like “pig” or “fatty”. Unbelievable.

On that subject. I bet you find it really funny that people are overweight. Oh, that cracks you up, doesn’t it? I bet it makes you giggle that people out there are dealing with obesity and weight problems and diabetes. Their misfortunes make you crack up, don’t they?

Also, if CC Sabathia can sit around on his fat butt all day snacking on chips and watching The Simpsons, and then be able to throw high 90s heaters and strike out major league baseball hitters while you do the same things and you can’t do dog poo, well. Wouldn’t that mean that CC Sabathia is better than you? That would mean you would be insulting a guy out of jealousy! Gasp!

But you know it’s about jealousy. You know that these people are so upset that he makes the most money of any pitcher in the history of the game, and they cover this insecurity by pretending they are better than him. Well, if you’re so much better than CC, then why don’t you strike out David DeJesus with a 96 mile per hour fastball? Better yet, I’d like to see you take on Mr. Sabathia in a fight, mano y mano. Oho! I’d pay money to see that.

You CC haters are all such humongous buffoons.

I would take Julia’s advice to talk about my first game and how I became a Yankee fan, but since she was so outrageously mean to me, I’ve decided to just forget the idea. I’m so hurt.

So if anybody wants to make any nice suggestions, feel free to do that. I’m always here.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York