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What a terrific game yesterday, eh?!

Burnett pitched fantabulasticularily, and the offense delivered to score 7 runs(on the back of Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner, and of course Nick Swisher)to deliver the 4th win of the season. Sure, we only have put up a .500 record and we’re capable of so much more, but it’s only 8 games into the season. I’ll worry about record when we’re 20 games in. Right now, we’re doing fine as far as I’m concerned.

I’m very, very sorry I did not blog twice yesterday. I’m not even going to try to do it anymore. I’ll keep up one a day and if I want to blog again when the time comes to blog again, well, that’s when I’ll do it.

In other news, I’m terribly lazy. About 20 minutes ago, I was watching TV and trying to decide just what to do after the show I was watching(a re-run of MLB Tonight on MLB Network). So I’m lying down on the bed, all comfortable and full of bliss, and I think about playing MLB 09 The Show on my PS3. Then I realize, “But then, I’d have to get off the bed, bend over, turn on the PS3 and the controller, and go back in bed.” Obviously that was too much for me.

So I asked my brother to pick up my laptop and put it on the bed for me, and so he asked my godfather(my godfather is not an old man, so my brother’s not abusing the elderly) to do the deed, which he did. So here I am!

I’m so awful.

In other news, the battle for the center field position appears to be heating up once again. Brett Gardner won it out of spring training, but Melky Cabrera is still performing and doesn’t appear to be giving up a starting spot so easily. You know that Cabrera is going to give you solid defense, defense that no other Yankee player can match in center field. Gardner might be able to cover a lot of ground, but Cabrera has a phenomenal throwing arm, and he seems to be able to get to any ball out there(even though his RF/9 is only somewhat over the league average). There was a point where last season, Melky had at least one great catch every day.



Now, Melky is batting .333 in 8 at bats, forcing the question: is Brett Gardner going to lose some playing time? Well, with the way Gardy performed yesterday, I doubt it.

He’s a grinder; he works the count and fouls off tough pitches, Damon-style. He can hit for a pretty good average, .285-.290. And, of course, he has that blazing 50 steal speed. Nobody can doubt that last one.

He’s performing fairly well this season, and I’m definitely satisfied with the 25-year old 5’10” center fielder from Holly Hill, South Carolina.

And that’s it for today’s edition.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York

Yankees Got PWNED

We got straight up pwned.

We got owned.

We got jacked.

We got flashed, bashed, and crashed(Fornarina)

We got devoured.

I mean, seriously. How pathetic was last night? It was so pathetic it was FUN!


We’re going to kick your butts tonight though, Tampa Bay. Book it!

Sorry that this blog sucks and is short, and that I didn’t get to blog later tonight. I was just so… shocked at the ugliness. Or maybe I was meditating to the sound of one hand clapping. You’ll never know. 😛

I’ll try to blog later tonight, but no promises from me, since I completely stink at keeping promises. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just too lazy.

Anyways, listen to some Kid Cudi. The guy just soothes me. He’s a rapper, but he’s like the most soothing rapper ever.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ the Kid From New York

Andy the Ace? And Another Thrilling Walk-Off


Andy the Ace?

Hello fellow Yankee fans! As you all know, Andy Pettitte pitched a beauty last night against the first-place Tampa Bay Rays. Pettitte pitched eight shutout innings, getting the win as the Yanks won, 5-0. Pettitte struck out five and gave up four hits, but probably the most impressive of all is that Pettitte did not surrender a single base-on-balls. If you know anything about baseball, you know that attacking the strike zone and getting ahead in the count early allow pitchers to dominate any lineup. Pettitte did both; he was economic with his pitches because he got the Rays to make outs early. He threw strikes and attacked the strike zone. He used his cutter to shut down both lefty and righty hitters, which is significant.

Early in the year, Pettitte was having trouble. Why? He nibbled a little too much, he had a bad 4th or 5th inning, and he couldn’t get righties out consistently. Now, he’s been spantastic. He’s been fanticular. He’s been throwing strikes consistently. He’s been economical with his pitches. He’s been going deeper into games because he’s not having one very bad inning. He’s been getting both righties and lefties fairly well at a decent rate. In his last ten games, Andy’s 7 and 1 with a 3.55 ERA. He’s walked 13 in 66 innings. In his last 10 starts, Andy Pettitte has been the ace of the Yankees in his last ten starts, plain and simple guys.

Another Thrilling Walk-Off

Boy, what a game today. I woke up really late today; I stayed up until like, 2:00 AM last night, and I woke up at around 1:37 PM (Summer Vacation ROCKS!). When I turned on the game, I had already found out that we were leading 1-0. The game was good, really; Sidney Ponson turned in a good performance, his second this year as a Yankee. He allowed 1 run in 6 innings. That’s about what you can expect from Ponson on his good days; he probably won’t go farther than the 7th, he’ll give up about 1 or 2 runs, he’ll strike out around 4 or 5, he’ll walk 3 and he’ll give up around 6 hits on his best starts. If you get that from Ponson, than you have to be really happy. Ponson really had it today, he located well, he attacked the strike zone as I talked about before, and he let hitters make contact, another thing that both Pettite and Ponson did in the last 2 starts.

After Carlos Pena hit a solo shot for the Rays, the game was tied, 1-1. The 9th inning was near disastrous; the winning run was at 3rd, and you could smell victory, you could almost taste it. You had the picture in your head of the Yankees getting a walkoff single or something to win it; and then Melky struck out swinging and Molina popped out. Unbelievable; in their defense, they’re spectacular on defense. Melky just continually makes great catches out in center field, and Jose Molina keeps throwing out baserunners. Still, what a bad inning.

In the 10th, with Derek Jeter on first, Bobby Abreu, the struggling Bobby Abreu, launched a hard-hit liner into deep right-center. The ball split the outfielders, went all the way to the wall and scored Jeter from first. The Yankees have a 4-game winning streak and have 2 walkoffs in their last 3 games. In other words,


Final Thoughts

Yes, I know this is a short post for me, but really, I’ve been blogging a lot lately. There was that big one two days ago and a big one yesterday, I’ve been making comments on other blogs trying to advertise the blog to no avail, really. If you’re reading my blog right now, let me know! Leave a comment, share your notions and thoughts. If you have something you’d like to ask me about, anything in the baseball world, leave a comment asking me to do a blog section on it, I’d be glad. Again, please leave all your comments, and constructive criticism is welcomed.

Keep optimism alive, Yankee fans! Optimism is something I preach, I think every fan of every team should have some optimism in them. Also, I’d like to announce I’m changing my release time from 8:35 PM to 8:05 PM simply because more people may notice it. Not like you care. Again, leave comments, keep hope alive, and keep cheering on your New York Yankees.

Yankees: Back in Action


Yankees: Back in Action

Indeed, the Yankees are back in action tonight. They’re playing at Yankee Stadium today against the Rays, who are in first place in the AL East. My father doesn’t think the Rays are legitimate… I don’t think they’re THIS good, but I think they’re a decent team with legit talent, and right now they’re really playing to their fullest potential. Evan Longoria is a great hitter as you all are aware of; they also have Dioner Navarro, their All-Star catcher who’s hitting .317. B.J. Upton is a great talent who has that rare combination of power and speed, and his average usually tops out at .290. Carlos Pena had kind of a fluke year last year, but he does have great power and plays good defense at first base. Carl Crawford has incredible speed, can hit .300 and can top out at about 20-home-runs… basically, he’s one-up of Jose Reyes.

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes… I’m not sure, but I think I’m missing something here. How does a player who has 100-steal speed, but only a little bit of anything else; he usually has a .280 average, he hits up to 15 homers, and tops out at about 70 RBIs. Once you add declining defense that wasn’t all too good in the first place, and a total lack of focus at times… why is he considered such a superstar? His career OBP is .330, which is decent but not outstanding. He’s a good player, he’ll steal at least 70 bases, he’ll hit .280, he’ll reside at around 13, 14 homers, topping out at around 18, but let’s face it; the guy acts like a real baby at times, he plays bad defense, 20 homers looks like a stretch, and he looks like he’ll always fall just short of the .300 mark. I don’t think he’s one of the best shortstops in baseball, because really, to me, Reyes is like Juan Pierre with more power.

Rich Harden: The New Cub

Rich Harden was traded to the Chicago Cubs earlier today, along with Chad Gaudin, a starter/reliever. I didn’t think the A’s would trade Harden at first, because I thought that, with his age and his promise and all, Harden would be considered one of the future pitchers in the organization. But as time went on, I realized that was not the case and that Harden was off for sale. Honestly, I thought if Harden were to be traded, the Cubs would be getting him. It wasn’t like Sabathia where a bunch of guys have a good chance; it just looked like it would be Cubs or nothing for Harden.

Anyway, it’s clear that this trade was finalized because of Sabathia going to the Cubs. I know they were wanting to get Harden even before Sabathia was traded over to Milwaukee, but they really must have been fully encouraged after CC was traded to the Brew Crew. I guess they wanted to say, “Hey, you wanna trade for an ace? We can do that too. I am sure that I’m not the only guy who thinks this NL Central’s gonna be a whole lot of fun!

I haven’t even mentioned Chad Gaudin and the other players in this trade. Sean Gallagher had some spot starts while Carlos Zambrano was on the DL for the Cubs. Matt Murton is a pretty good hitting outfielder who really didn’t have enough playing time in Oakland. Eric Patterson is an infielder/outfielder with decent speed who plays decent defense and is an overall decent hitter. Josh Donaldson is a minor league catcher I know nothing about. If you want to know who Donaldson is, look him up on milb.com. All in all, these 4 players have pretty good upsides. They look like players who really fit the A’s mold well; they’re not flashy, they don’t have incredible talent, but they’ll get the job done. A lot of Oakland players are young guys who would be in the minors on other teams, not because they’re bad or not ready, but because they don’t have the spot in the majors. The Oakland Athletics are the soup kitchen for decent young players, and they’re really drinking up their soup right now.

Final Thoughts

We’re winning 2-0 right now, and it looks like we’ll keep the lead because even though Kazmir’s pitching well, Andy Pettitte is down right masterful today. Try and keep hope alive, Yankee fans… if not, then just be glad you’re not the Mets, who almost blew a nine-run lead last night. Hah-hah-hah! Those Mets…

-EJ/Kid From New York