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EJ Battles Himself While You Watch

Howdy guys! After last night, I kept thinking, and I realized that you guys really need to see my new wallpaper! It’s so cool! I pimped it out! Here it is…


It’s Common! It’s sooo cool right?

Wait, WHAT EJ? You’re not going to talk about last night?

What happened last night?

The Yankees were heartbroken, losing on a walk-off hit to DeWayne Wise despite Nick Swisher’s her–

Ahh, Nick Swisher! A loyal Buckeye fan, born in Columbus, Ohio, bordered by Pennsylvania, and Ohio borders West Virginia, which borders the lovely state of Virginia! Speaking of Virginia, hi Virginia!

You’re totally crushing on her…

Shut up, d!ckhead!

Haha! I got you to call yourself a d!ckhead.

…urmf… whatever! I’m happy! Happy EJ!

Even though the Red Sox won and the Yankees lost…

U-uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m happy.

You don’t seem that happy…

It doesn’t matter what it seems like…

…EJ, are you hurting?

My heart is broken!

Song of the Day is Kids by MGMT… it’s an electronic kinda dancey song… the tune will get stuck in your head for days.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York