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Oh God…



I’m not going to talk about it.

I’m not going to talk about our manager’s blindness in consistently playing Cody Ransom every now and then even though he’s an absolute joke of a hitter.

I’m not going to talk about how we seem to think if we manage to not score in an inning, that we’ve done our job correctly.

I’m not going to talk about Phil Coke, mainly because I wasn’t watching the mockery at that point, but also because Coke is going to rebound because he’s a pretty good relief pitcher. I can only pray for the Yankee fans who’re with me on that, because the idiots who thought he stank with a 3 ERA(one guy on the comments for a Yankee story said “Name me one outing where he was good.” Needless to say, I named him 5.) are going to go apeshit about him now that he has a 4.98 ERA. But regardless, Bomber fans, do not lose hope in Phil Coke. The ERA is inflated because of one bad outing, it happens with relievers. He’ll bring it down.

I’m not going to talk about Jerry Hairston Jr, who’s good first day at the plate was muffled by everyone else’s terrible support in baserunning.

What I said about Phil Coke goes for Assassin Burnett.

Jerry Hairston Jr. nicknames still pending.

The Song of the Day is hip hop… it’s called This Way by Dilated Peoples ft. Kanye West. It’s a really good song, actually. If you at least somewhat like hip hop, I recommend it.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

The Frankie Factor: Yanks Thrash Mets


Well would you look at that? I blogged earlier today and admitted that this would be a probable loss for the Yankees today with Santana on the mound and Burnett going against him, but this turned out to be the exact opposite. The 2009 Yankees gave Johan Santana his worst outing not only of the year, but of his entire career! These guys can be lights out offensively. Yesterday we didn’t see those bats against Nieve, but we kicked butt today against the second best pitcher in baseball.

AJ Burnett was great today, he was throwing hard and also had a solid breaking ball. But one interesting story of today’s game was the performance of a certain first-year backstop:


Francisco Cervelli went 3 for 5 with 3 singles and a crucial two out, two strike, bases loaded bloop single off Johan Santana to plate the first run and get the Yankees’ first big rally started. The Pinstripers went on to score 3 more runs in that inning. I am telling you, we need to give this guy some starts. Posada is not getting it done for us behind the plate. He’s collecting a couple knocks here and there but he can’t throw anyone out or call a good ballgame. Francisco Cervelli is hitting better and in more timely situations, he’s calling great games(caught all 9 shutout innings today in this 15-0 victories), he’s throwing out runners and the Yankees are winning with this guy behind the plate.

To go with that, he’s also providing a very valuable energy to this Bombers ballclub. Did you see his infield single in his second at bat? A little roller to the right side to Murphy, the first baseman’s right, and Murphy makes a bad play flipping the ball underhand to Santana at first. Frankie is busting it down the first base line and he makes it to first base safely, and then slides after making it to the bag. He’s doing enthusiastic fist pumps when his pitchers get a K in a key situation.

Joe Girardi, I love you, but when you put Posada out there to catch, you are severely holding not only us back, but also the development of this young backstop. When you put Posada in the lineup, put him at DH or first to give Tex a day off. Start him at catcher occasionally, but let Francisco Cervelli work his magic more often. He is more than a capable backup; he is a capable starter.

By the way, the Metropolitans have looked absolutely ridiculous this series. They got a win yesterday, but it wasn’t a dominating win, it was kinda ugly in my opinion. Not only did they have that drop to lose the game on Friday, they kept blowing leads and they didn’t look good at all. Today they obviously looked their worst; unable to score with the bases loaded and no outs, Alex Cora not running to first on a strikeout/wild pitch, Daniel Murphy with a dumb play underhand flipping the baseball to first and letting Cervelli go in safe. They looked lackadaisical after a while, and it was a saaad sight to see.

Anyways, fantastic game, I’ll do the 5 best starters entry tomorrow, but for now, chew on this little recap.

Thursday is my last day of school, I have half days from Monday-Thursday, so I’ll try and blog earlier in the day.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ “Cervelli’s Biggest Fan” the Kid From New York

Another Offensive Blast; Yanks Win 4 Straight


Another Offensive Blast; Yanks Win 4 Straight

Well, the Yankees have done it again! For the second time in 4 days, the Yanks destroyed their opposing team’s pitching by putting a bunch of runs on the board. Both times have come on the first game of the series. The Yankees just really looked on top of their game last night; Ponson gave you the outing you expect from him, a decent start. He went 5.2 innings, 3 runs. He got out of some jams, so all in all, he was good enough to win and won. The Yanks got clutch hits, and even when they blew the lead early, nobody was really worried. Molina got 3 hits, A-Rod hit a bomb, Cano hit a longer bomb(odd, huh?), everybody seemed to have contributed except Giambi, but, you can excuse Giambi.

Alright, so keep reading, as today I’ve got a lot to write about. I’ll talk about the two big recent trades and how they affect the Yankees, I’ll discuss some of the lefties out on the market not named Brian Fuentes, and finally, I’ll back up last night’s bold statement and tell you why I would pick Joe Girardi over Joe Torre.

Today’s Trades

Two fairly big trades were made today. Two pitchers on the market; a reliever and a starter; were moved to brand new locations.


Jon Rauch to Arizona

The Washington Nationals closer is no longer a National. Right-hander Jon Rauch was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for top shortstop prospect Emilio Bonifacio. Jon Rauch is not a special pitcher, but I really don’t know if the Yankees were interested in him. With the recent performance in the bullpen and considering it took a prospect like Bonifacio to get Rauch, the Yankees probably lost interest.


Randy Wolf to Astros

Randy Wolf, left-handed starter for the San Diego Padres, was traded to the Astros for a minor league pitcher by the name of Chad Reineke. This has a little more effect on the Yankees because Wolf was really one of the guys the Yankees were looking to get. It’s even more surprising we didn’t get him because the Astros acquired Wolf by giving up a 26-year-old pitcher with a mid-4s ERA in AAA. I mean, I don’t know, I’ve never seen Reineke pitch, but his stats make him look almost mediocre. San Diego will help him, but… I dunno. If that’s what the Padres were looking for, the Yankees missed out. And the Astros aren’t even contending, really. I don’t see why they would need Wolf in that rotation. Sure, their pitching is awful, especially with Oswalt down right now, but maybe they should’ve acquire somewhat lesser pitchers, like Paul Byrd and leave a guy like Wolf to the contenders. I dunno, that’s what I think.

Good LOOGYS Not Named Fuentes

That’s right, people. There are lefty relievers out there not named Brian Fuentes who are also very effective, particularly against lefties. These lower-tier guys could be a key to the Yankees’ playoff run. Here we go;


#1: John Grabow

Here’s a real interesting guy. So far this season, lefties have a higher batting average off him then righties at .250, but he’s still a solid reliever who can get lefties out pretty well. I’m not sure if he’s on the market, but if he is, the Yankees have good reason to be interested in the Pirate lefty.


#2: Bobby Seay

Bobby Seay is very similar to John Grabow. He’s a solid left-handed reliever, but lefties hit him better than righties. This time, however, lefties are hitting much better against Seay than righties, with a .322 average against him, with righties hitting just .200 against him. Still, he has the capability to get left-handers out. Also, like Grabow, I’m not sure if he’s on the market, but I bet the Yankees have some interest in him if he is.


#3: Jack Taschner

And there he is. Possibly the most intriguing of lefty relievers not named Brian Fuentes, Taschner HAS gotten lefties out, who are hitting just .190 against him. He’s been solid as well, with his ERA in the lower-3s like Seay and Grabow. He’s not like Billy Traber, either; He’s had success in the past. He’s been asked for in several trades, including the Ray Durham trade. I’m not sure what the Giants would want from him, but considering he’s mainly a LOOGY, he’s not going to get more than a second-rate prospect or so. Keep your eye on Taschner.

Joe Torre or Joe Girardi?


Alright, so my friend and colleague The New Mexican Yanks Fan asks me why I like Joe Girardi over Joe Torre. If more people read this blog, then NMYF wouldn’t be alone on that. Let me tell you why I said what I said in my Bold Statement of the Day. First of all, before he came to the Yankees, was he that good a manager? No. I think when he joined the Yankees, he was never a great manager, but his team bailed him out. He came in with a fantastic bullpen. He came in with guys, top to bottom, who could hit. From Martinez to Jeter to Brosious to Mo, he had great players throughout his tenure. So now, when he moves to a new team in the Dodgers who do not have great players in abundance, he’s a game under .500. Coincidence?

Well, let’s talk about what he did wrong. First of all, even YES admits that Joe Torre had a big tendency to stick to one reliever until his arm blew off(do I even have to say Scott Proctor?), which is not how you manage a bullpen. The man can’t handle a bullpen. You might say, “Well, EJ, just because he overused relievers means he can’t handle a bullpen?”. I respond with a big PRETTY MUCH. I mean, Scott Proctor isn’t the only one. Think about Edwar Ramirez. He worked this guy, a rookie, over and over and over and over again, and then he like left him alone for 2 weeks. That’s why Edwar was so bad last year; he was either being tired out or didn’t pitch enough, and you can’t do that to a rookie. That’s two. Now you add Luis Vizcaino. Vizcaino sucked at the beginning of the year, but then he became one of the best guys in the bullpen. He was dominating, and Torre overworked him. He ended up pitching 75.1 innings last year, and at the end of the season, guess what? He started sucking again. And then he sucked in the playoffs and is sucking in Colorado right now.

But that’s not just it with Torre. He’s soft. He lets the players do what they want. He lets players play as much as they want and do what they want. He doesn’t get fired up. He doesn’t argue calls. How many times have the cameras shown Joe Torre sitting on the bench, staring on to the field looking kind of mad but not doing anything? It looks a little something like this:


Now compare that to Joe Girardi. Now, Joe Girardi’s only managed a year and a half, but look at what he’s done: He took the Marlins, a team that people thought would set new losing records, and turned them into a fairly respectable team in ’06. He’s taken the Yankees, who have been injured and have lost their key players, they lost Matsui, Damon, Jeter, A-Rod, Wang, Posada, and they’re still in contention? Do you honestly think Joe Torre would do that? Girardi took a bullpen that was thought to be one of the worst and turned it into one of the best. He took guys like Veras, Farnsworth, Ramirez, and made them into great relief pitchers. He’s managed to use all the guys in balance and moderation, which Torre didn’t do. Finally, Girardi gets fired up for his players. He argues calls, he shows emotion. Remember that Orioles game earlier this year? You can’t forget it. Jason Giambi, for some reason, is called out on a foul tip on a pitch well inside, and he went ballistic. He kicked dirt on the umpires shoes, threw his hat down and screamed like crazy! Next batter, Robinson Cano gets a walk-off single to left field. I’m telling you, I’d take Joe Girardi over Joe Torre, and that’s why. Good enough for you? Alright. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Alright, folks, it’s time for the Final Thoughts. Now, if you’re a first time reader, I’ve started something here called the Bold Statement of The Day where I type a sentence that is very arguable and can even be considered outlandish. You ready?


Here it is:



The Yankees will be in first place at the end of July.


Oooh, quite a juicy bold one today, eh? Anyway, leave your comments. I’ll explain why I said my Bold Statement in tommorow’s post, coming up at 8:35 PM EST. Again, leave your comments and thoughts, I’ll comment on your blog and give you my response.

Stay positive, Yankee fans!

-EJ/Kid From New York