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Yankees vs. Twins

Aaaand baseball is back, but you already know that. I’m hosting the Twins-Yankees game today, hopefully you also know that. Here you guys can discuss the game, as I set it up for you in a nice, clean, organized manner.

player                                         vs                          player

Joba Chamberlain no. 62                                                         no. 47 Francisco Liriano

4-3, 171 ERA+, 100.1 innings, 118 K’s                  6-4, 104 ERA+, 76 innings, 67 K’s

Okay, well. This pitching matchup is certainly very interesting, even though it’s spring training. Both guys are former top prospects with ace stuff, and they both have dominated the big leagues at young ages (Chamberlain is 23, Liriano is 25). It’ll be interesting to see how they match each other in the early innings. Look out for updates from now until the game begins. While you’re doing that, kick back, relax, have whatever drinks you want to drink, and enjoy the flat screen TV.



1. Denard Span

2. Nick Punto

3. Delmon Young

4. Jason Kubel

5. Brian Buscher

6. Luke Hughes

7. Matt Tolbert

8. Drew Butera

9. Carlos Gomez

1:18 – Alex Rodriguez throws out Span on a chopper to third for the first out of the ballgame. 

1:21 – Delmon Young hits an RBI double to drive in Nick Punto, and it’s 1-0 Minnesota. Right off the base of the wall in deep center.

1:22 – Jason Kubel smashes a ground rule double to drive in Young from first. 2-0 Twins.

1:25 – Derek Jeter throws out Luke Hughes, Yankees coming to bat, 2-0 Twins.


1. Johnny Damon

2. Derek Jeter

3. Mark Teixeira

4. Alex Rodriguez

5. Nick Swisher

6. Robinson Cano

7. Jose Molina

8. Shelley Duncan

9. Melky Cabrera

1:29 – Derek Jeter hits a single past Punto with one out.

1:31 – Mark Teixeira hits a double, runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out now.

1:32 – Alex Rodriguez hits a sac fly, Tex moves to third, 2-1 Twins now.

1:33 – Nick Swisher sharply grounds to third, but a throwing error by Hughes ties it up. 2-2.

1:36 – Cano walks, a rare feat for Robby, 1st and 2nd, 2 outs.

1:40 – Dan Giese gets an out in the 2nd on the first pitch he threw.

1:43 – Carlos Gomez flies one over the wall in left field, Damon’s attempt to corral it is thwarted. 3-2 Twins on the CarGo homer.

1:49 – A line drive single by Shelley and a bunt single by Melky gives the Yanks runners at first and second with no one out. 

1:51 – After Damon moves over the runners, Jeter gets a sac fly to tie up the ball game, 3-3.

2:01 – Brian Buscher pounds a double to right center to drive in two, 5-3 Twins. 

2:05 – Twins have brought the bats today. 6-3 on that RBI single for Luke Hughes.

2:27 – Jose Veras has an impressive 4th inning, with 2 strikeouts. He has phenomenal stuff, he really does. I love this guy.

Welcome to the In-Gamer!

 player Lackey (9-2)               Rasner (5-8)   player                       

                           2.91 ERA                    4.92 ERA

                             81 Ks                         49 Ks


To the left, you’ll see a vending machine, but there’s nothing in it. There’s just the entire alphabet and numbers 1-10. Soon you’ll find out that all you have to do is type the name of a food product and it will appear in the vending machine. To your right, you see a top of the line Sharp Aquos HD TV, which I bought for this room for special occasions. In front of you, you see comfortable black, smooth chairs. As you look around at all the awesome things in this white and blue colored room, you wonder why you ever even tried to do an In-Gamer. “C’mon over!” I shout to you, and you take your seat in front of the huge, flat-screen TV. There’s a stand of Yankee apparel; Yankee shirts, jerseys, caps, shoes, magazines, sunglasses, foam-fingers, and all the fixin’s. Go ahead. Take some. Wear that Chamberlain #62 jersey. Or perhaps the one with your name on the back suits you better. It’s all good here, in EJ’s In Gamer.

Welcome to my In-Gamer, enjoy yourself, talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be here supplying updates and such. I won’t have all the information, but I’ll do the best I can.

11:43 AM:  Not really an update, but this is quite a lopsided pitching matchup. Darrell Rasner and John Lackey are two very different pitchers. Lackey is one of the Cy Young contenders in the AL, and Rasner is a 4 or 5 starter at best. Anything is possible, but I’m just saying.

12:08 PM:  Depressing news today, Joe Girardi has revealed that Yankee ace Chien-Ming Wang will not pitch the rest of the regular season, though he may pitch in October during the postseason. Well, this obviously opens up a bunch of oppurtunities to try and grab a starting pitcher before the non-waiver trade deadline. Can you say; “Jarrod Washburn”? Now let’s have fun, imagine that in Game 2 of the ALCS, late innings, game tied at 4, and guess who’s coming on the mound? Chien-Ming Wang, finally returning from his injury, pitching two shutout innings with a strong sinker, and the Yankees win thanks to him.

12:25 PM:  Here are today’s starting lineups for the Yankees, with the Angels lineups comnig soon after.

1. Johnny Damon (DH) (JD’s been settling in since his DL stint.)

2. Derek Jeter (SS)

3. Bobby Abreu (RF) (Abreu’s shown great power right now, let’s hope he continues it.)

4. Alex Rodriguez (3B)

5. Jason Giambi (1B)

6. Xavier Nady (LF) (X had the first hit of the day yesterday.)

7. Wilson Betemit (2B) (It seems that Betemit will play 2nd again. Cano is still resting his sore left hand which he’s been fighting through for a while. Betemit was great yesterday, he hit a 2-run homer. Let’s hope he does it again.)

8. Pudge Rodriguez (C) (Pudge had yesterday off, with Molina getting 3 hits and a homer behind the plate. I think he’s going to have a good day today.)

9. Melky Cabrera (CF) (Well, Melky isn’t hitting, but his defense is just too good out there right now.)

I’ll be right back with the Angels lineup.

12:38 PM: Here are the Angels.

1. Chone Figgins (3B) (The Yankee killer, leading off as always.)

2. Erick Aybar (SS) (Good defensive shortstop with speed. Raz needs to get the first two off base to succeed.)

3. Mark Texeira (1B) (Yikes.)

4. Garret Anderson (LF) (Beautiful. Vladdy’s out of the lineup today. That’s HUGE for Raz.)

5. Howie Kendrick (2B) (Underrated hitter, he’s got TITLES in his future.)

6. Juan Rivera (DH) (Former Yankee outfielder, DHing tonight.)

7. Gary Matthews (CF) (Great defensively, struggling with the bat this season.)

8. Jeff Mathis (C) (Has his moments offensively, but is solid behind the plate.)

9. Reggie Willits (RF) (Willits, the young backup OF for the Angels, is replacing Vladdy in right field today. He, like most other angels, can run like the wind.)

Let’s go Yankees!

12:47 PM:  Just some injury updates supplied by the YES Network Pre-Game show. Matsui has been hitting balls off a tee, and he’ll be reporting to Tampa tomorrow to begin his rehab assignment. Phil Hughes went 3.2 innings with 5 strikeouts, a walk and a hit, and no runs allowed, he threw just over 50 pitches I believe. Carl Pavano went 3 innings, gave up a run on 5 knocks, walked none, struck out 2, I don’t know what his pitch count was, though. If there’s anything else interesting, I’ll let you know. Right now, my back is killing me, I’ll lie down.

1:01 PM:  Let’s hope for a good game today, guys. The Angels are without their second best hitter. Btw, I can’t watch it on TBS, it doesn’t work because it’s on YES too, and it’s not… whatever. Hope for a good game, guys!

1:08 PM: And, the first pitch of today’s game is a fastball, strike on the outside corner and it’s on.

1:09 PM: Chone Figgins leads off with a single, and now Rasner has lost the zone to Aybar. Jeez…

1:14 PM: Garret Anderson drives in two with a 2-run single down the line.

1:21 PM:  Jeter makes the catch, 3 outs. Rasner leaves it at two.

1:42 PM: Sorry, had to leave for a bit. Rasner gets an inning ending DP, but gives up another run as the Yanks are down, 3-0. Lackey looks tough today.

1:47 PM: X Nady’s single goes to waste after Betemit swings at pitch 1 and grounded into a DP. DAMN.

1:56 PM: Melk-Man made a great catch to the wall to end the top of the 3rd. Still 3 nothing Angels.

1:59 PM: As we approach 2, the skies are beginning to grey up and darken right now.

2:03 PM: Damon grounds back to Lackey, and after 3, it’s 3-0 Angels.

2:10 PM: A walk to Willits and a hit by Figgins, and now there are runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.

2:12 PM: Here we go again. A two out, two run double off the bat of Erick Aybar, and there goes any hope of Rasner pitching well. Girardi’s out and he’s calling Giese. 

2:25 PM: Here’s X-Man with the bases full of Yanks.

2:28 PM: And an awful baserunning play by Abreu costs the Yankees a run. Instead of not trying to go to 3rd on a clear sac fly and not scoring, Bobby decides to go to third, and he’s tagged out before Jeter is able to reach home plate. Awful, awful baserunning. I spit on that. I pee on that. That belongs in my toilet. That’s crap.  

2:34 PM: Great inning by Giese, as he strikes out two Angels in the inning. 

2:37 PM: Pudge Rodriguez bombed a homer down the left field line, just fair to initiate himself in Yankee pinstripes. It would’ve been 5-2, but… okay!

2:49 PM: Giese works another scoreless inning. He’s really a good pitcher… I’d like him to start, but I guess with Pavano and Hughes coming back…

2:53 PM: As Jeter leads off with a single, it’s worth noting that Melancon had been called up to AAA around 4 days ago, and he’s pitching well there. He could be up soon if someone goes down. 

3:01 PM: Bases loaded, no outs. Giambi pops up, and here comes Nady with the bases fully…

3:03 PM: Whoah, Nady! 2-Run Double! Here comes Betemit, and the Yankees are back in it!

3:05 PM: After Betemit gets an RBI ground out, Pudge walks. Here comes Melky. 

3:08 PM: Melky strikes out. Duh.   

3:16 PM: A squibber down the 3rd base line by Anderson with two outs, and now there are two runners on. What a cheap two-bagger.

3:20 PM: G.I.E.S.E GIESE! He’s the man! Pop up ends the inning.

3:26 PM: Matthews dropped a fly ball, and now Jeter’s on second as the tying run with Bobby at the plate.



3:35 PM: Oh, my, what an inning. And it’s all because of the combined efforts of Dan Giese and X Nady. Giese held the Angels in check, and Nady got the runs to take the lead. 5 Ribbies for Nady… see what good pitching does to you? Good pitching drives ballclubs… I love this team.

3:45 PM: Edwar looked nasty, but the Angels are coming back… tying run is at the box. 0-2 to Aybar.

3:50 PM: Walked him. Bases loaded, here’s Mark Texeira… trouble.

3:53 PM: Oh no. Angels back in front… Texeira with a slam. 9-8.

3:58 PM: Melky’s trying to bunt Pudge over after his leadoff hit here in the bottom of the 8th.

4:06 PM: Thanks to clutch hitting and great baserunning, the Yankees have tied it. I love what Justin Christian does. He’s awesome. 9-9! 

4:10 PM: The error by Chone Figgins off the bat of Alex with the bases full of Yanks gives them a lead… a lead we hope Mo will cease to relinquish. We still are in BIG position to score.

4:20 PM: Cano had a 2-run single up to center, and then Nady drove in his 6th run with a single. Then, Christian joined the party with an RBI hit of his own. I love this team!

4:24 PM: I hate this. Again, the Red Sox and Rays are leading. FRIKKIN!

4:29 PM: The Rays blew the lead, thank you, Granderson!

4:30 PM: That’s it! Melky makes the catch! Thank you, Jason, Sean, Jimmy, William, everybody for stopping by. I got a ton of comments, and we win! Whooooo! I’m hosting on Saturday! Please?