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That was… purdy…

And now we’re on FOX… goody…

Can someone say “half game”? -_-

I know there’s no crying in baseball, so I puffed my cheeks and blinked repeatedly, and I held it back, but dammit, I came fairly close! I swear to God, if we lose today and the Red Sox win again, I’m going to need one of you guys to hold me.

In other news, I got a faux hawk. It’s cool and stuff  I look hot, I must say. xP

It’s not as overpowering as Swisher’s haircut, it’s kinda small, my hair is not shaven off, just a simple little faux hawk. I’ll try and show you it soon, but I dunno when I can get a pic… when I do, you’ll see it. Scout’s honor!

The Song of the Day is a hard, heavy, rock song, a difference from the “rappy hip hop”, as Virginia would say, that I put up here usually. Double shut out. What what.

It’s called The Night by Disturbed. I don’t know why I put these songs up, nobody listens to them, lol.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York