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Red Sox sign Saito


I hate the Red Sox.

I hate them. I absolutely detest them. I want to punch them in the face. That’s how bad I hate them.

They’ve signed Takashi Saito, a really strong bullpen pitcher who would’ve gotten more attention had he not ended 08 with an injury.

This is why I hate them… they’re sooo smart with their offseason acquisitions. They make all the smart signings and trades. They’ve also gotten Penny, Baldelli, Smoltz and earlier got Tazawa. It’s like… the Red Sox are off doing all of this and setting up their team to win with low-risk high-reward moves, while the Yanks are just throwing money at whoever is the biggest name. It’s frustrating.

What smart signings have WE made? Well for starters, we signed Kevin Cash. …really? Kevin Cash? Why Cash? What does Cash do that is so special? He has no power, can’t hit, all he really does is catch a knuckleball, and, in case y’all haven’t noticed, THE YANKEES DON’T HAVE A KNUCKLEBALLER.

We also recently signed Angel Berroa. …what’s Angel Berroa going to do? I mean, it’s a low risk low reward move. He’s got speed and.. that’s it as far as I’m concerned. He won rookie of the year with the Royals in 03. With this in mind, he’s 30 years old and stinks. That’s about it. Maybe the Yankees signed him to compete for the backup infield job(with Doug Bernier?). It’s not like he’s going to kill us if he doesn’t succeed… so I don’t mind this signing at all. However, it’s most likely that Berroa will not do anything for us.

Let’s move on…

Apparently the Yankees are shopping Nady and Swisher.

No. Don’t trade Nady. Don’t. Please do not trade Xavier Nady. I love Nady, he’s a good hitter and a good player and I predicted him going to the Bronx! Don’t trade HIM! I’m not exactly too happy about trading Swishinator either… but I’d rather trade Nady than Swish. That’s just me.

Anyways, no matter how hard it gets, I will always try to stay positive, and I hope you do the same.

Stay positive Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York