I Want to Ride my Cycle

I want to ride my–ooh, I didn’t think that one out…

Boston destroyed the Orioles 18-10, so when Mariano Rivera got the final 3 outs, I let out a big “Whew!”

I mean, seriously, the Yanks were on the fringe to lose first place faster than Miley Cyrus lost her innocence. Buh-dum bum TISS!

But I guess this is a lesson for me; to never lose faith in the Yankees. I didn’t even watch the beginning of the game, I was honestly more interested in watching an old Mets Classic on SNY from 2007(in my defense, Tim Lincecum was pitching that day and he had short hair) than watching us get clobbered and swept by the Whtie Sox. I eventually figured “Oh, what the heck” and switched back to YES, and I was greeted by a three run bomb by Melky Cabrera. The rest is history. Literally.

I’m so glad that Melky Cabrera got the first Yankee cycle, for three reasons.

  1. Melky is a Dominican, as was the last Bomber to hit a cycle, Tony Fernandez.
  2. I really had a feeling Melky would hit that next cycle: he just seems like the kind of person who would hit for a cycle. He’s got some pop, but he’s no slugger. He can run fairly well, but he’s no thief. He hits for decent contact, but he’s certainly not Ichiro or Mauer. He’s very much a 5 tool player, cause he can throw and field too, but he doesn’t have abundance in any of the 5 tools except for the arm.
  3. I was getting really, really tired of hearing “the last cycle was in 1995 by Tony Fernandez”. I had memorized that.

And also, give all the credit in the world to Jerry Hairston, Jr.(still accepting nicknames), who made us forget that Alex Rodriguez is our starting third baseman for a while. That’s pretty tough to do. Or maybe we’re just too used to Cody Ransom.

Either way, he had a couple of hits yesterday and a couple of others today, and he also made a few nice plays down there at third base. Good job… hey, I got one, J-Hey Kid. That’s his nickname from now on. You take note, Virginia.

The Song of the Day is a very pump-up hip hop song… the song is called Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z and Santogold. Occasionally, when I feel sassy(because I’m usually a very sassy person), I change the part “Brooklyn we go hard” to “Yankees we go hard”. Think about it.

Also, to explain my title, see this song right here.

Stay positive, Yankee fans…

-EJ the Kid From New York 


  1. southernbelle

    EJ: The J-Hey kid?…………BRILLIANT! I’m sure we can make that stick. Can you believe Melky? Since Cervelli is in Scranton, I have to go back to loving Melky, and it has been very easy. He is so good. I only threw my shoe once when CC gave up the 3 run lead. But we won! YAY!! -Virginia
    PS: That is a funny picture of Ransom. He looks so confused.

  2. southernbelle

    Gringo Paws? How could you say that to me? (fake angry tone) I thought we were friends! What do you mean when you say “ours (Dominican)”? Are you saying that I can’t like (love) Melky? WAAHHAHAHAHAHAH! Why? I don’t understand! -Virginia

  3. southernbelle

    Girly girl? I resent that. Sure, I admit when I think a boy is cute, I like shopping, and I care about how I look, but I do not want to be called a girly girl. If I stay home every night to watch the Yankees instead of hanging out with friends, I don’t htink I am a girly girl. Ok? -Virginia

  4. southernbelle

    EJ: I know it was just a joke 🙂 You are so funny! You called yourself “El EJ.” “The EJ.” You are the only EJ I know. What does EJ stand for, anyway? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I’m just curious. Sorry to put you into an “awkward silence.” I hate that feeling. I’m aware of the off day. Hopefully the Yankees will carry over their momentum from the win into this week. I hope they win on my birthday this year. (Aug 16th is when I actually turn 16.) It seems like they always lose on my birthday. Whatever. Talk to you soon! -Virginia

  5. southernbelle

    Oh, and just to make sure you know I’m not a girly girl, tonight me and my little brother Tommy are watching WWE Raw. Wrestling. I like it. It is entertaining. And besides, watching a bunch guys with 6 packs running around without shirts in spandex is VERY entertaining for me. That guy Randy Orton is so damn hot!…..(awkward silence)…….I’m sure you don’t really care about which wrestlers I dig……so.. um…….I’m just gonna shut up now………..um….yeah….bye…. -Virginia

  6. southernbelle

    Wait. You DO know of Randy Orton? I admit that he looked 10 times hotter with hair. Now he is half bald, and he looks like a mental patient. What about John Morrison on Smackdown? He is hotter than Orton. As for your name, I won’t try to guess. I respect your privacy. And don’t worry. I only have OCD with a few things. Like at school when the teachers don’t erase the boards fully. That annoys me so much. Later. -Virginia

  7. southernbelle

    EJ: I close my comments differently all the time, I think. I don’t really think about it. I won’t see any more of you tomorrow than I did today. Just your picture in the upper corner. And just for your info, Google images has nice pictures of Morrison where he is wearing more that a speedo….and everything is in place….I think you know what I mean….let’s drop the subject…..it’s getting more awkward by the comment….that’s my fault…..darn…..I should shut up again…….I will talk to you later via blogs. Is that better? 🙂 -Virginia

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