1. southernbelle

    EJ this is brilliant. Wow. It really looks like something Swish would do, if he could. We could call Joba “Joba the Hutt,” but that’s not original enough. I like our name for A.J. “The Assassin” It’s so intimidating. Do you like “Leche” for Melky? That’s his clubhouse name and I refer to him as Leche quite often. I’ll keep thinking of a name for Andy and let you know if I get anything good. Oh, I thought you’d be interested in this: today my brother & I bought baseball cards, and he got Cervelli’s rookie card! I traded him everything he asked for, and when I finally got it, I screamed and kissed it! Yay! I love him! -from Virginia

  2. southernbelle

    EJ: Last night after a sloppy loss by the Yankees I was thinking about nicknames. We’ve established that Burnett is “The Assassin.” But I was thinking. Do you know Ron Guidry? He was called “Louisianna Lightning.” Since A.J. is from Arkansas, we should call him “The Arkansas Assassin!” Huh! What do you think? I was proud when I thought of that. Let me know if you approve. Thanks! -from Virginia

  3. southernbelle

    EJ: It’s cool about A.J. You are the nickname master and I will agree with you. JC is fine for Joba. Do you like Michael Kay’s name for Coke and Hughes? He calls them “The Philthies.” I think it’s brilliant. Don’t be jealous about the comments, your blog is in the top 100 and it’s very original. I like your blog. That’s why I keep coming. And to discuss nicknames. I appreciate you visiting my blog. Just so you know, I added a link list to my blog where people can see my favorite blogs to visit. I made sure “The Squad” was on it 🙂 Keep up the great work! IN CERVELLI WE TRUST! -from Virginia

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