Summarizing the Draft

Yes, I’m still alive.

I don’t like being in second place, but I gotta admit, the Red Sox are a great team. I was very balls-to-the-wall in saying that the Red Sox wouldn’t make the postseason this year, and unfortunately, my plane has just hit a building. But now it’s time for me to discuss something I love discussing. Why? I dunno. I just do.

It’s the MLB Draft. As you know, there’s one every year, and I enjoyed watching the first few picks before the game came on. We had a few interesting picks all over the place this season. Our first overall pick was Zachary Heathcott, or Slade Heathcott, a toolsy outfielder from Texas High School(guess where that is).

Heathy(he’s already got a nickname, w00t) is 18 years old and is very similar to Grady Sizemore, not just because he’s got power, speed, and is a plus defender at the same position that Sizemore plays in. Heathcott also looks very similar to Sizemore in my opinion. The picture that MLB Network showed looked a lot more like Sizemore than the only one I got here. describes him as an “intense competitor who’s only question is about some character issues off the field”.


I don’t know what to think of this. I mean, I love having guys like this on a team. Fiery. Hot-tempered. Ready to beat someone. Okay, maybe not that bad. But those guys fire up a team, they’re interesting.

On the other hand, it’s interesting that the New York Yankees would pick a guy with questionable character issues. That’s something the Bombers are well-known for not really tolerating. I hope he can keep it together off the field, obviously.

The name of the game in this draft for the Yanks was college pitching. College pitchers, all over the board.

From righty Adam Warren outta UNC Chapel Hill to Gavin Brooks, a finesse southpaw(as far as I can tell) from UC Los Angeles. You got pick 855, Aaron Meade from Mizzou State, a lefty I know nothing about. I know nothing about any of these guys except from what I see in scouting videos and that they’re college pitchers.

Also worth noting, in the 40th round, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim drafted Asaad Ali, son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Asaad is a big bodied catcher who had a good season of high school ball last year, leading his team to a division title and batted .367. The Angels scouting director, former no. 1 pick Eddie Bane, stated that the Angels want him to get in better shape, since he is pretty overweight. Ali was adopted by the Ali family back in 92 and is the youngest of their nine children. Yes, nine.

Well, that’s it. Let’s hope we can get a win today over them darn Red Sox and force a tie of first place to end the series. Definitely not how we wanted it to be, but I’m still pretty satisfied with our season thus far.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York

EDIT: The Yankees drafted first baseman Luke Murton, kid brother of Colorado Rockies outfielder Matt Murton, making this the second consecutive season that the Yanks have drafted a player who’s brother is an MLB player. A little more odd: last year’s younger brother, Luke Greinke, is the brother of Kansas City ace Zack Greinke, making both younger brothers of Major League Baseball players named Luke.


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