Not the Most Fun Game…


…but I’ll tell you what, we’re still in April, and so there should not be any cause for concern. I know a guy online who said he’s lost all hope in the phrase “Go Yankees”. All of it. Why? Because we’re frigging 5-5. This guy is not an idiot, he’s a pretty good guy, but he’s ridiculously naive baseball-wise. Before, his screen name was “CC Sucks”. He then changed it to “Chien-ming sucks” which is stupid, especially since nobody calls him Chien-Ming except Flash Flaherty.

Again, it’s no big deal. We’re not going to be .500 for the whole year, it’s only April. We’ll get things going eventually. Do not lose hope. I highly question your intelligence if you’ve already given up on the Yankees. We’ve proven time and time again that you can not count us out and you can not give up on us. We’ll prove you wrong.

In other news, Yankees have called up Juanito Miranda for insurance(his name is Juan, I like calling him Juanito… just kidding, I really don’t, I’m just bored).

Now what kind of insurance would we need from Juan Miranda? Welp, it says in the article that the Yankees, still somewhat concerned about the health of Hideki Matsui and Mark Teixeira, made this move prior to today’s game. Now I don’t know if he’ll be in the lineup, I doubt that. However, it should be interesting to see what Miranda could do.

Miranda, once considered by me to be the Yankees’ future first baseman, earned International League Player of the Week in the first minor league week of the season. He was redhot down at AAA, hitting .361 with three big flies and three RBI.

Can Joba get the Joba done? He did well in his first start against the Royals. We’ll see if the hard throwing right hander, who definitely should be in the rotation, can take down a Cleveland Indians lineup that beat up the bullpen yesterday.

Stay positive, Yankee fans.

-EJ the Kid From New York 


  1. juliasrants

    EJ – I agree it is much too early in the season to be panicking; however I’ll have to be honest – I did not expect the Yankees to lose the opening game at the New Yankees Stadium. I had chalked that one up as a “W”.


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