A-Rod Admits Steroid Use in Texas

Click here to read the article about it.

Well this makes me feel a lot better. First of all, he stated that he did not use performance enhancing drugs in New York, only in Texas. In my selfish, Yankee mind, that satisfies me. Second of all, he seems genuinely sorry for it. I forgive him. I’m glad he confessed instead of just denying it and denying it and turning it into an ugly thing. I feel bad for him, because now this steroid issue will never go away. But hey, that’s what happens when you do steroids. Obviously people are going to hate him now, and disrespect him now, and that’s the reason he took steroids in the first place. I hope this doesn’t get him out of the hall of fame; he’s still a fantastic player who had a fantastic career, who made a mistake once.

More soda…

-EJ the Kid From New York


  1. flushingboy

    Alex Rodriguez is a special talent. What I want to know is two things. 1. Was Alex juicing prior to 2003, and 2. Was Alex juicing during his MVP 2005 and 2007 season’s? Alex had an excellent OPS+ of 177 in 2007 and it would be a shame if that were tainted.

  2. flushingboy

    Also, I do not think ALex Rodriguez’ steroid allegations will take away from what he has accomplished on the field

  3. thekfny28

    do I forgive Bonds? Umm… did he sincerely apologize for using steroids? If he did, I guess. I don’t really even care about Bonds anymore, lol…

  4. tyco551

    yea A-ROD still is the best..and if i were u i would fix that sentence when u said that he had a fantastic career he still has it…..

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