Alex Rodriguez Tested Positive in 03

And I’m still in shock.

Frankly, I don’t know why I’m so surprised at this. He’s such an outstanding player… and his work ethic, his non stop training and… I don’t know what happened. Do positive steroid tests end up misleading? I hope that’s the case here. Maybe he just took steroids once and didn’t do it again. I would forgive him for THAT… maybe he uses it a ton. I don’t know. We really don’t know. All we know is, he tested positive for steroids back in 2003 with the Rangers, and that now HIS name will be tainted forever, which honestly kills me.


I don’t know why I get so attached to players, but I do. It’s not just Yankee players, but pretty much all players. I feel bad for them. I walk through their shoes. I really don’t think A-Rod is a true cheater… I don’t know that for sure. Until you can prove to me that Alex Rodriguez is a full fledged roid raging cheat cheat cheater, and there’s no doubt about it, I’m going to continue to support him and continue believing otherwise.

I’m going to drink A LOT of soda now…

I’m going to be using this blog entry to present information about this whole Alex Rodriguez situation. Here, I’ll present all the facts I can find about it on MLB Network and other resources. Here are some of the notes I have taken thus far, and I’ll continue to add info as I learn more:

Current Information:

Survey was supposed to be anonymous, and results were to be destroyed

MLBPA never explained why they did not destroy the results

Gene Orza reportedly tipped a player(supposedly Alex Rodriguez) that a test would be coming up later in the year

Sources will not be revealed

Rodriguez chose not to reveal any information to Selena Roberts about the situation

Scott Boras most likely was aware of this situation

Additional names have not been verified from this test.

Rob Manfred, MLB Executive VP of Labor Relations: “…we can not make any comment on the accuracy of this report as it pertains to the player named. …any allegation of tipping that took place under prior iterations of the program is of grave concern to Major League Baseball, as such behavior would constitute a serious breach of our agreement.”

Gene Orza on A-Rod steroid test results in 03: “I’m not interested in discussing this information with you.”

Alex Rodriguez is not in danger of being fined or of leaving the Yankees




  1. juliasrants

    EJ – You and your friends need to remember that the players are humans like the rest of us. Some of them are really great and some of them do some pretty stupid and bad things. Admire them for their skills – but remember they aren’t the people you should be looking up to as heroes.


  2. thekfny28

    I could totally understand that Bob, even though a positive steroid test doesn’t explicitly mean you did steroids. However, man, you would understand what I would feel like if Kevin Youkilis tested positive, or if David Ortiz tested positive, or if JAson Bay, Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Dustin Pedroia, if they tested positive for steroids.

    Also, I bet Ortiz used steroids anyway.. 😛
    -EJ the Distraught Young A-Rod fan from New York

  3. thekfny28

    A-Rod’s a pleaser, V… he wants to get everybody to love him and to stop insulting him. He’ll never get away from criticism, however…

  4. xcicix

    Well, since A-Roid has tested negative since then he’s obviously as good a player with and without the drugs. You’re right, though…Ortiz probably did do steroids. And why are they not releasing the other names? That’s really unfair to put all of this on A-Roid, he really can’t deal with it. That’s just plain cruel.

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