Scott Proctor Signs With Marlins

Scott Proctor Signs with Florida Marlins


…what can I say about Scott Proctor?

We’ll start with he sucks. He had like, a 6 ERA last year with the Dodgers. He’s not very good. He has great stuff last time I checked; a blistering fastball, good breaking pitches. But he was mind-numbingly frustrating with the Yankees.

Well, according to some sources, he has signed with the Florida Marlins. That’s right, the Marlins. …I don’t, I don’t understand this move. Do you?

I mean… are the Marlins rebuilding or not? Do they see Proctor doing anything good? Cause he won’t… well, we’ll see how this turns out. But yeah, Scott Proctor is a Marlin.

Let’s check where some other ex-Yankees joined other teams this offseason.

Wilson Betemit. Traded with pitching prospect Jeffrey Marquez and Jhonny Nunez in the Nick Swisher/Kanekoa Texeira deal.

Kyle Farnsworth. Oh yes, the mighty Farns signed a deal with the deal-happy Kansas City Royals this offseason.

Chris Britton. I’m not sure how he’s a Padre now, but yeah. He’s a Padre now. I guess they signed him to a minor league contract.

Manny to the Giants?

Well would you look at that! The San Francisco Giants are interested in Manny Ramirez. Ain’t that… something? Not only that, but they’ve reportedly offered a four-year deal.

Manny Ramirez would really add that big KICK to the Giants’ lineup that they’ve been seeking; but he’s sooo old! Really? A four year deal? A four year deal? That’s insane. He’s 37 I think! Why would you do that?

Is the need for Manny so huge that you would offer him a freaking 4 year deal? At his age a TWO year deal is rare. Is his abiity to hit really that gigantic and monstrous that you would offer him a FOUR YEAR DEAL? Do you really expect him to rake at 42? I don’t. I don’t think anybody does.

Hey… he might. Haha, if there’s ONE guy who could hit 30 homers at 42, it’d be Manuel Aristides Ramirez. So… we’ll just have to wait and see, but even IF it’s Manny, the Giants are bananas.

Anyways, stay positive Yankee fans…

-EJ the Kid From New York 


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