I’m baaack…


Yes I am alive and in good health, unless the doctors aren’t telling me something…

I’ve been posting on the MLB message boards since my last post, and I’ve been neglecting my posting duties. Well no more.

It hasn’t been a particularly good year at ALL, in any sense of the word. Injuries and inconsistensies have held back an undeniably talented New York Yankee lineup. While the efforts of Girardi have been valiant, it’s simply a huge disappointment of a year. The Yankees will not go to the playoffs, it’s official. No more speculation, no more “one more chance”, no more “just a little hope”, and certainly no more “mathematically possible”. It’s done now. So now the focus shifts to the 2009 season.

It’s an aging ballclub, no doubt about it. Jeter, Damon, Abreu, whoever we plug in at catcher, etc. etc. You can’t expect success in a few years with these same ol’ guys. That’s why we have talented prospcts in the minor leagues. I’ll bring them to you. I’ll exchange my thoughts on possible offseason transactions. I’ll share my notions on what the young callups of this year could do next year; Cervelli, Gardner, Christian, Sanchez. All of these guys can make an impact on 2009.

So stay tuned!

Stay positive for next year, Yankee fans,

-EJ/Kid From New York


  1. punk32

    keep on dreaming the yankees would never get those good power pitchers.the yankees aren’t the same since berine left.the mets are going to get k rod and watch them get c.c. LETS GO METS.YANKEES SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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